Ziploc Space Bags at Costco

I’ve always wanted these. I think it’s my inner hoarder that’s talking when I say things like that. For me, Ziploc Space Bags are just something that would allow me to accumulate more stuff.

I know, they are supposed to be used, at least according to the infomercial, to store extra pillows, blankets and winter gear during the summer. For me, it would just mean that my closet has gotten bigger, and can now hold more stuff.

So imagine my surprise when I saw them at not one, but two of my local Costcos. The 15-bag box (various sizes) costs, at the time of this writing, $22.99 which for some reason seems expensive. Does anyone remember how much they were sold for when they were advertised on TV?

Ziploc Space Bags at Costco

Ziploc Space Bags at Costco

According to the box’s claims, each package has enough boxes to hold the following:

  • 10 Pillows
  • 5 Comforters
  • 3 Jackets
  • 6 Shirts
  • Between 65 and 77 sweaters, although I find that’s an oddly specific number

I’m sure it’s a great deal, but I’m trying to get to a point in my life when I can start saying goodbye to things that have followed me around for much too long already, so I will not be buying these.

Not before I can prove to myself that I can actually get rid of things.

Not even if Ziploc’s Space Bags go on special at Costco. In their case, probably liquidation, but whatever.

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