Urban Star Jeans at Costco: Product Review

UPDATE – Some Costcos have stopped selling those jeans. Fortunately for you, mine still does. If you want to buy some, just scroll down to the bottom of this post for more information!

It’s quite striking. It happens quite often that I’m about to step out the door, and realize every single stitch of clothing I wear, including my glasses, comes from Costco. I guess I like a good deal. One of the primary ingredients here are my jeans, which are the Urban Star jeans, available at Costco, and who will be the topic of today’s review. I admit to having a love-hate relationship with those jeans.

First off, let’s start with price. While Urban Star is not a Costco brand, it might as well be, as it is by far the best deal in clothes at Costco. Each pair costs a ridiculously low $15.99, up a dollar from a few months ago. I remember going out 20 years ago and buying jeans for 6 or 7 times that price, and they weren’t nearly as comfortable.

Urban Star Jeans at Costco

Urban Star Jeans at Costco

I’ve been wearing this brand of jeans for years, and would not have done so just for the sake of them being affordable, if that was their only redeeming quality. It helps, but it’s not everything.

What's in Urban Star Jeans?

What’s in Urban Star Jeans?

I wear jeans a lot. They are more or less required wear at my job, so always having a pair clean and ready is essential. The first thing that needs to be said about these jeans is that they are extremely comfortable. I didn’t realize until I did a bit of research for this article, but my jeans contain 98% cotton – great! – and a mere 2% Spandex, which makes all the difference in the world.

Glorious, glorious Spandex! Had an extra large dinner and feel like you should loosen your pants?

No need! Urban Star jeans don’t care!

Gained 20 pounds but want to still fit in size 34 jeans, for ego reasons ? With Urban Star jeans and its magical Spandex component, you can!

I personally went from weighing 185 pounds, all the way to 215 and back down (some), all the time wearing the exact same size jeans – 34 – and not once feeling uncomfortable or tight in any way. I sometimes try on size 34 of other jeans, which I own but do not include Spandex, such as the Kirkland Signature jeans, and I can’t even come close to fitting in them, let alone closing the button!

Besides the comfort level, which is excellent, and the cost, which is incredible, what the Urban Star jeans have got is acceptable styling. I’m no fashion guru, but I think I look pretty darn good in them, and my wife agrees.

Now, to the one single unpleasant point about Urban Star jeans: even if you shop at Costco, incredible deals have a cost, somewhere, and in this case, the cost is reduced durability and longevity.

Components of these jeans are a little cheaper, and don’t last as long as others. The bottom of the pant legs, near the ground, will get frayed just a little faster. The pockets will develop holes quicker than with other brands. Not overnight, mind you, just a little faster, especially if you keep your keys in them.

Urban Star Jeans are fragile

Urban Star Jeans are fragile!

If you always put the same things in your pockets – keys, cellphone, wallet – the fabric will rub in a way as to make it visible. For example, the edge of my cell phone has left a line on the outside fabric of the my pocket, and on the other side, my wallet, which has a clasp, has actually rubbed a *hole* into the denim.

Now, it comes down to what you are looking for. The relative lack of durability of these jeans is their only drawback, as could be the styling, but that’s entirely subjective.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy to trade the shorter lifespan of these jeans, for their incredible comfort and rock-bottom price. That’s a call you have to make yourself, however. At $16.99 a pair at Costco, it’s really not that expensive to try them out, however!

In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend these jeans to anyone. The only time I would not is if you were doing a very, very physical job that would be hard on pants. Like being a cowboy, maybe. Besides that, if you keep them clean and more importantly, do a rotation, you’ll be very happy with Urban Star jeans.

  • Item name: Urban Star Jeans
  • Available at: Costco
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Cost: $16.99 (requires Costco membership)
  • Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% glorious Spandex
  • PROS: Extremely comfortable, very inexpensive
  • CONS: Not as durable as they could be

UPDATE: I’ve heard from some readers that some Costco stores have stopped selling Urban Star Jeans. Mine still does, so I’ll be happy to pick some up and ship them to you directly. I’ve added a Paypal button right below. I’m selling the jeans for $45 USD, shipping included, to the US and Canada. This covers the cost of my Costco membership – obviously – as well as my time and gas to go get the jeans, packaging materials, etc. I’m not making much on this. Here is the procedure:

  • Click the ‘Buy Now’ button after choosing your size
  • Specify the quantity
  • Make sure you tell me the size you want! ONLY BLUE JEANS ARE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER! If my Costco doesn’t have the size you want, I’ll refund your money, no harm done.
  • When it comes to length (the second measurement) I’ll consider acceptable sending you a size longer, as you can get them adjusted. If this is not acceptable, write in the comments that you want the exact length only.
  • My Costco only has even-numbered waist sizes and odd-numbered lengths. Please order accordingly!
  • If everything is cool, I’ll ship your jeans by Airmail within 2 days or receiving payment.


I’m offering this as a favor to my readers, so these are my terms. For those with doubts, I’m an eBay seller with over 15 years experience and about 5,000 positive feedback. You won’t find the jeans there, but check out my store to get an idea of my trustworthiness. My eBay store. Remember that I’m working with my local Costco here. I have to deal with whatever inventory they have, so no promises.


20 thoughts on “Urban Star Jeans at Costco: Product Review

    1. admin Post author

      Aren’t they? I love them, and despite that little flaw I talk about in the article, I’m still going to buy them!

    2. Ian Worobetz

      Excellent Jeans

      First off. If you have the correct hem on the bottom of your pants they won’t drag on the ground and fray. Second, if you don’t wear your cell phone in your pocket they won’t fade there, like your wallet also. If you don’t carry your keys in your jeans pocket and maybe in your jacket pocket you won’t get holes in the pockets either. These are great jeans and they seem to last forever. After 100 washes and 18 months later they still look like a one month pair old Levis after a few washes.

  1. Stan

    I really like the fit and feel of the jeans. I was wondering if Urban Star made other pants, and stumbled upon your website. I’ll be following you — what fun blog. 🙂

  2. John Bremmer

    What you don’t like about them “CONS: Not as durable as they could be” is what actually makes you love them. Spandex is not a durable material (read non natural), so it’s the small price to pay for the comfort. However as someone pointed out, love them or not, Costco no longer carries them and this is what I hate about Costco; They introduce a good product and you go back to buy it a 2nd time just to find out they stopped carrying it!

  3. Eliot

    I love these jeans! PROBLEM: I can’t find them since Costco stopped selling them! Occasionally I see my size (34 x 34) on eBay, and the price is always outrageous. Today I saw some for $35.99 plus $6.99 shipping! Someone else must know that these jeans are a rare…near-extinct…and valuable commodity.
    Has anyone see these jeans for sale in a variety of sizes, other than eBay, online or otherwise? Who manufactured them, and is that company still making them? I bought 2 pair last spring. I’ve worn them a lot and they still look great. But I want to get some black ones and maybe another pair of blue.
    Any ideas???

    1. dale coker

      They are sold in the costco UK, though cant seem to find my size 40 and they dont do black which was a better quality

      1. admin Post author

        If things are over there as over here, you’ll probably get the black jeans again in the fall.


    These cost $9.99 + tax, tip, license, doc fees when on sale. At the sale price, the only issue I hate are the crotch blowouts (happens to ALL jeans after 3 years of hard use) – when it is MOST comfortable! Really – I bought a half a dozen pairs at $9.99 and do not need pants for a decade!

  5. Carole b

    Need urban star men’s 40/32 or 40 /34 any color what Costco has it. Will send you commission.

  6. Kymberli

    Hi Looking for these too. My hubby had a pretty serious leg injury a few years ago and these are the ONLY jeans that he can wear without a lot of discomfort. He needs a 34-32. Any ideas? Thanks much!

  7. Lisa

    Your page said I could purchase them for $16.99 with my Costco Membership – how do I do that? I have an Executive Membership with Costco.

  8. Richard Haley

    I really liked the Urban Star stretch jeans, so did other family members, cant find them anymore at Costco. Hope they get them back…

  9. daniel allen

    Please tell me wear I can purchase these jeans locally item number 610594 size 36×32 stretch jeans. Costco use to sell them.

  10. Emily Sanderson

    Does your Costco still have these? My husband needs a 42×32 and I can’t find them ANYWHERE!


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