Techlite Lumen Master Security Flashlight On Sale at Costco

Okay. Well, it might not have been on sale as much as liquidated, but the result was the same for me: I got a great flashlight at a very affordable price. This awesome security flashlight by Techlite Lumen Master was available for only $19.97 (Canadian dollars) and came, in true Costco style, with the four (4) C batteries required.

This provides plenty of power for 20 hours of continuous use on the ‘Low’ setting, 5 hours on ‘Medium’ and 2 hours on ‘High’. Now, even the low setting is quite bright, I can’t imagine needing the ‘High’ setting for anything but under the most extreme situation, such as to blind someone – literally, the package carries a warning – or to signal a rescue plane.

Techlite Lumen Master Security Flashlight

Techlite Lumen Master Security Flashlight (Costco item number 406347)

Here’s what the package says about this handy-dandy flashlight:

  • It’s made from tough, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum;
  • It features a senses-deafening emergency strobe light mode;
  • It has a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens;
  • It is both weather- and impact-resistant

I guess that the combination of the aluminum body, the impact-resistant feature and the convenient weight of the batteries make this security flashlight quite a handy blunt instrument, as well, but I understand that they can’t write that on the packaging, even though it’s a great selling point.

Like any new homeowner, I’m a sucker for specials at Costco; I actually walk the aisles and focus exclusively on the prices; anything that ends with 97 gets my immediate and undivided attention. I also end up with some stuff I don’t need, but you can’t have everything.

To conclude on the flashlight, I would have to say that this CREE Leds-powered security flashlight, by Techlite Lumen Master is quite the beast. It strikes the right balance between being light and hefty, and is extremely bright, even under the least powerful setting. All in all, I think I made a good buy.

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  1. Best Flashlights

    1000 lumens flashlight for less than $20 is for sure bargain deal. I missed it. Anyway thanks for sharing.


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