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Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Product Review

Having a young child at home, it is normal that baby wipes are on my usual shopping radar. Fortunately, since I can buy them in such huge quantity (thank you Costco) I don’t need to shop for them quite so often. I usually end up buying whatever’s on special, which is why I had so much of the Huggies Natural Care wipes, but this time I got caught with my pants down… no specials! So I purchased what used to be my second-favorite wipes, the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes.

Each box of Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes contains 9 packs of 100 wipes each, and costs $19.79 (Canadian dollars) , for a cost per wipe of 2.2 pennies. Here are the product specifics for these wipes:

  • Product Name: Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes
  • Purchased: Costco
  • Costco (Canada) Item Number: 394485
  • Price: $19.79 (bought at full price)
  • Quantity: 900 wipes per box, 9 individual packs
  • Cost per wipe: $0.022
Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes

Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes (Costco Item number 394485)

The reason I didn’t use to like them as much as the Huggies, despite the fact that their packaging makes them quite a bit more user-friendly, is that they are quite wet. With a very young child, going through many diaper changes every day, it was an issue, since I could hardly let him run around with no diaper on!

That’s over now, and I believe that these baby wipes offer the best bang for the buck.

These wipes are made with Tencel, a strong natural fiber that is exceptionally soft, absorbent and strong. We all know ‘strong’ and ‘tear-resistant’ are important here! They are hypoallergenic, fragrance- and alcohol-free, and just to soothe your conscience, are made from 100% renewable resources.  To learn more about Tencel, follow this link.

I’ll see how long this box lasts us. It should be a while, since he is starting to be toilet-trained, but in any case, at 2.2 pennies a wipe, I really couldn’t go wrong!

September 2014 Update: I have another kid on the way, so I’ll need to start stockpiling these again! Actually, I’ll probably make a whole new post when I start buying them, since the packaging changed.

January 2015 Update The new kid is definitely on the way. She should be born within the next few weeks, so imagine my surprise when I noticed that the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes are on special this week at my local Costco. Check out the new packaging:

Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Ultra Soft (New packaging)

Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Ultra Soft (New packaging)

Since the Canadian dollar tanked, and these wipes are made in the USA, they have gotten more expensive. The regular price is now $21.99, which bring up the per-wipe cost to 2.4 cents. This is not a huge increase on the previous 2.2 cents.

The boxes I bought were on special, however, $4.15 off, which brings the cost down to $17.84 per box, or 1.98 cents per wipe, significantly cheaper than before. Doesn’t seem like much, but I’ll bet we’ll be going through lots of these.

For those who were curious about it, you’ll have noticed that the new box, and each individual package are smaller than they used to be, significantly so. Each box still contains the same number of wipes, and the wipes themselves seem to be the same size. It seems to me that this is one of Costco’s process improvements in the packaging as a way to save on shipping, just as they did with the cashew jars by making square instead of round (to fit more in a truck).