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Coppertone Kids 60 SPF Continuous Spray at Costco: Product Review

We’ll be taking our first real vacation as a family shortly – I’m writing this in early August – and as we have a young child, it is imperative that he wear high-quality and high-SPF sunscreen while he’s out in the sun, which hopefully we’ll have lots of. This is why I purchase today, at Costco of course, a pack of 3 spray bottles of Coppertone Kids 60 SPF Clear Sunscreen.

Obviously, this is not my first purchase of this product, otherwise I could I review it? Our whole family use it. I figure if it’s good enough for my child’s tender skin, it’s certainly good enough for me. Let me tell you something, from extensive experience: when I wear this thing, I have a real hard time even getting a tan, so a sunburn is completely out of the question.

Coppertone Kids 60 SPF Clear Sunscreen

Coppertone Kids 60 SPF Clear Sunscreen (at Costco) 3x222ml

Our current supply is almost out, and I wanted to make sure that our local Costco still had them before we left. Needless to say, it was quite a deal. Sunscreen is usually pretty expensive, so consider the following:

  • 3 Bottles of 60 SPF Sunscreen, each 222 ml
  • Cost for 3 bottles: $19.99
  • Cost per bottle: $6.66
  • Cost per ml: $0.03

You *have* to realize that this is an awesome deal! The same bottle at Walmart costs almost $9, or $0.05 per ml. I know it doesn’t look like much, because we are talking tiny pennies here, but it’s still 40% (or more!) pricier at Walmart, and they’re usually good for these kind of things.

We use the Coppertone Kids SPF 60 Continuous Spray for the whole family, because frankly, despite the great price, this is A LOT of sunscreen, and I can’t be bothered to buy another big batch of the ones for my wife and I.

When it comes to the format and delivery, I must say that I am very happy; one of my biggest problems with traditional sunscreen is, I surmise, the same as everyone else that ever got a sunburn: you don’t want to put the damn thing on because it is greasy and disgusting. With the continuous spray action and the non-greasy factor, there is really no excuse for getting sunburned. It is also hypoallergenic and waterproof, for those looking for a frolic in the water.

With my purchase of Coppertone Kids SPF 60 Continuous Spray from Costco, for only $19.99 I might add (again, but whatever, I’m super happy at the deal I got) I guess I’m good for the summer as far as sunscreen goes. At least I hope so!