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Artika Aqua Bay Double Kitchen Sink at Costco

Costco seems to be featuring an increasing number of items by designed Artika these days, and from good reason: based on my experience with the Artika Moonraker ceiling light, I would be happy to recommend their products to anyone. My wife and I are considering a kitchen remodel in the near future, and a double sink would fit nicely with our plans. I was therefore very happy to see the new Artika Aqua Bay kitchen sink at my local Costco.

Artika Aqua Bay Kitchen Sink

Artika Aqua Bay Kitchen Sink

My wife loves the double sink, something that is sorely lacking in our kitchen right now. While there is clearly a tap on the picture, the box leaves no doubt for interpretation, as it clearly states that the box contains the following:

  • One double-width sink
  • Two stainless grids, stainless steel, as pictured
  • Two drains and strainer baskets, stainless steel as well
Artika Aqua Bay Kitchen Sink Specs

Artika Aqua Bay Kitchen Sink Specs

The Aqua Bay sink features 10 degrees rounded corners, something we are clearly supposed to be impressed by – they’re nice, but it takes a bit more than that to woo me. What I find significantly more interesting is the 16 gauge stainless steel used in fabricating this sink. This will ensure that the sink feels rock-solid, no matter what you drop in it.

The overall dimensions of this Artika double sink are 31.3″ x 20.5″ x 9″ deep. While the depth is not incredible, this sink has the possibility of being installed under the counter rather than overlapping it, so you could potentially gain a valuable inch of depth there. I know this gain is more visual than anything else, but I’d take it.

The Artika Aqua Bay kitchen sink, is quite stylish, and with its 10 degrees rounded corners everywhere, will give you kitchen a touch of a professional look. It is made by hand rather than stamped, which is a nice touch. Of course, all this stainless steel and sharp design and class and whatnot has a price: the Aqua Bay retails for $329.99 at Costco. That’s hardly inexpensive, but kitchen remodels are expensive, and it always pays to put in quality, either for yourself or simply to enhance your resale value. Moreover, a quick search shows that a similarly-constructed sink, made with the same 16 gauge steel but with a much shoddier design, costs upwards of $570 at Home Depot. Something to think about!