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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs at Costco: Product Review

Like most people, I assume, and to the delight of manufacturer Unilever, I enjoy having cotton swabs in the house. There are a million applications for them, and thanks to Costco, I can have bran-name Q-Tips Cotton Swabs in great quantity, for a low price.

Interestingly, the one thing I actually use cotton swabs most consistently is to clean my ears, and that is the only use that is directly and expressly not recommended on the package. I guess they had a lawsuit from some ‘person’ that shoved one too deep and figured it was someone else’s fault. Idiots.

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs at Costco

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs at Costco

Anyways, this package of 3 packs of 625 Q-Tips each, for a total of 1875 Q-Tips, cost $10.99. It’s not really the greatest price ever, especially since those products are on special at Costco regularly. I just couldn’t wait for the next special to buy them. We were out an my wife had me use the ‘baby-safe’ cotton swabs, which have an enormous bundle of cotton at each end (made by Johnson & Johnson). I’m sure they’re quite safe, but to clean my ears, absolutely and utterly useless.

Even at full price, the price per swab is ridiculously low: $0.059 each, or less than a penny each. Of course, these are brand-name Q-Tips and not some cheap dollar-store knock-off, so you know that they are made from 100% real cotton. The packaging even has the official ‘Cotton’ seal to prove it, as you can see on the picture above, bottom left. So there you have it.

According to said packaging, there are many uses for Q-Tips Cotton Swabs. They include:

  • Blending and applying eye shadow
  • Apply and soften lipstick
  • Remove mascara smudges
  • Touch up and remove nail polish
  • Clean your ears… oh wait: *not* clean your ears

Assuming my wife and I each use two of these a day, we should have enough Q-Tips for about 15, 16 months or so. Even though I had to pay full price for these, I consider that the convenience and quality of brand-name Q-Tips cotton swabs is worth the few extra dollars. Even so, a quick check on Amazon tells me that even at full price, these are quite a deal. Hopefully they will go on sale at Costco in the next 29 days or so, and I’ll be able to go in for a price adjustment.