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Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin: Product Review

When my wife and I started thinking about having a second child, it became important to take our health, and our baby’s possible health seriously. Our doctor recommended, among other things, that my wife take a Prenatal Multivitamin. Now that our daughter is among us, my wife continues to take the same multivitamin, as it is recommended for breastfeeding mothers as well as expectant ones. The last bottle we had was branded Materna, however my friendly Costco pharmacist assured me that the Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin contains exactly the same thing.

Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin

Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin

During pregnancy, the mother’s stores of vitamins and minerals are heavily solicited, as the growing baby requires a lot of these to… well, grow. Taking a prenatal multivitamin helps maintain the mother’s health by ensuring that she doesn’t run out of these essential nutrients herself.

For example, many mothers report having teeth issues during and after pregnancy, such as pain, decay and cavities; this is caused by the fact that the growing baby is leeching the calcium to grow its bones directly from the mother’s bones and teeth, as not enough is available elsewhere. An easy way to avoid this is by taking a calcium supplement. Don’t forget the magnesium.

Taking a prenatal multivitamin can also help ensure the health of the baby, by helping reduce the risks of neural tube defects, the most well-known of which is Spina Bifida. Here are the active ingredients and components of the Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamins. Feel free to compare them to more expensive vitamins.

  • Beta Carotene- 1500 mcg
  • Vitamin A – 300 mcg RAE
  • Vitamin E – 13.5 mg ATE
  • Vitamin C – 85 mg
  • Folate (folic acid) – 1000 mcg
  • Vitamin B1 – 1.4 mg
  • Vitamin B2 – 1.4 mg
  • Niacinamide – 18 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 1.9 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 2.6 mcg
  • Vitamin D3 – 10 mcg
  • Biotin – 30 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid – 6 mg

And now, for the minerals:

  • Calcium – 250 mg
  • Magnesium – 50 mg
  • Iodine – 220 mcg
  • Iron – 27 mg
  • Copper – 1000 mcg
  • Zinc – 7.5 mg
  • Chromium – 30 mcg
  • Manganese – 2 mg
  • Molybdenum – 50 mcg
  • Selenium – 30 mcg

For those of you who’d rather check out the label, here it is; I trust that I’ve reproduced it faithfully and more legibly above!

Kirkland Signature Prenatal Vitamins active ingredients

Kirkland Signature Prenatal Vitamins active ingredients

Now that we’ve established that the Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin contains exactly the same thing as the brand-name Materna, which was confirmed by a pharmacist, what about price?

Once again, Costco comes through: the Kirkland Signature Prenatal Multivitamin costs only $8.79 (plus tax) for 300 tablets, for a minuscule price of $0.0293 (less than 3 pennies) per tablet. That’s pretty cheap for something that’s important to the health of my wife and my child. Just for comparison, the Materna costs about $18 per bottle, for less tablets, and so is about 3 times more expensive, in real terms. It’s still not much when you’re talking about health, but why throw money out the windows?