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Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco: Product Review

I love to cook, and no food is complete without olive oil. I exaggerate, but not much. While I don’t always use extra virgin olive oil to actually cook, I go through a ton of it in pasta, salads and other applications, so getting a great price really counts. Thanks to Costco and their unbeatable specials, I get to indulge – a lot – in my love of olive oil.

Last week I purchased one of my favorite oils (not *the* favorite, but that’s a story for another day) at Costco, with a $4 instant rebate. My 3-liter jug of Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported from Greece, ended up costing me a paltry $15.99 after the rebate (it was originally $19.99). These prices are all in Canadian dollars.

Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco

Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco

Overall, I’m very happy with this olive oil. On the pros side of things, the taste is powerful but not overpowering, the color is a pleasing dark green and the aroma is just enchanting, but not too strong. I never buy this oil at full price, even at Costco. It comes on special all the time, so I pay only $15.99 for 3 liters, which comes down to $5.33 per liter.

According to numerous websites, paying less than $10 per liter could be a sign that your olive oil is fake, but I trust that Costco has done its due diligence and is selling genuine olive oil. At $5.33 per liter when bought in a 3-liter container, price is a determining factor when purchasing Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As a point of comparison, this website sells the exact same container for $30.99, US dollars.

Now, on to the cons. There are not major, but they are present, and are mostly related to packaging and format. Just like – I think – most people, I will not transfer this oil to another container for use. I use it straight from the 3-liter jug. The mouth of the bottle is too wide and pours too freely. It is difficult to pour small quantities of oil.

This is compounded by the fact that the bottle is not rigid enough. When holding the bottle to pour oil, it is quite easy to accidentally squeeze the bottle, letting out a bunch of oil that you unfortunately cannot put back in the jug.¬†Also, the bottle’s cap is of dubious quality and doesn’t always close properly.

These minor irritants aside, I’m quite happy to purchase Solon Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco. The quality is there, as always, and because you’re shopping at Costco, the quantity is there, too. This is one of the items that I know makes my Costco membership not only affordable, but a great deal.

Update – October 7th, 2015 – The Solon Olive Oil is on special again at Costco (Canada), $4 off. Time to stock up, while quantities last! The special lasts until Sunday October 11th, 2015.