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Winner Shares Costco Loot!

Winner Shares Costco Loot!

Kerry Harris, from the Salvation Army, collecting the Costco loot! (photo courtesy of the Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune)

A bit of good news today, coming from Alberta! The winner of the Rotary Dream Home Lottery, Norman Visscher, has donated over $2,100 worth of food to local food banks after discovering that his new home came with a full pantry, courtesy of Costco!

As originally reported by Kieran Markle of the Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune, the new owner of the Dream Home were very happy to be able to share their good fortune with the community.

They are thankful to all involved with the Rotary Club as well as all the even sponsors, including of course Costco, for their donations, which in Costco’s case has gone straight to charity. The winner of the Rotary Club Dream Home has decided to put up their new home for sale, as they do not plan to move. (Link to original news article)