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Cardinal Roadhouse Quarter Pound Beef Burgers: Product Review

To me, nothing means summer more than burgers, and like most people, I have my favorite recipe for beef patties. Without going into details, it includes onions, garlic and beef Bovril, for that extra beefy taste, among other things. This is why I was so excited to see that the Cardinal Roadhouse Quarter Pound Beef Burgers were on sale at Costco this week.

With the price of beef being what it is these days, I’ll take any break I can get, especially for my summer staple. The regular price of these beef patties is $21.99 for 24, which comes down to $8.15 per kilo, or 92 cents per burger, just for the beef. This compares advantageously to the price of regular, lean ground beef, which is $8.99 per kilo at Costco these days.

Cardinal Roadhouse Quarter Pound Beef Burgers

Cardinal Roadhouse Quarter Pound Beef Burgers

If that wasn’t awesome enough, I managed to buy this box with a $5 instant rebate, which lasts until the end of this week, which brought down the price per box to $16.99, the price per patty to 71 cents each, and the price per kilo – and this is where it really looks good – to $6.29.

In any case, anyway you look at it it’s a great deal. Or is it? They have to make money somewhere, right? So let’s look at the ingredients, in order of appearance:

The good news here is that there are no obvious disgusting conservation agents, or weird unpronounceable ingredients put in solely for the sake of ease of manufacture, as you’ll find in many products. So I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy that these patties are seasoned and flavored much like I would do, with garlic, onion and ‘flavor’ which I assume is their equivalent of beef flavor concentrate – Bovril.

What I’m less happy about is the fact that there seems to be quite a bit of filler material in here; I mean, when I make my own burgers, something that is happening less and less, I’m pretty sure I don’t put toasted wheat crumbs, and absolutely certain that soy protein, concentrated or otherwise, is not on the list of ingredients.

That being said, and as the box helpfully suggests, they are ‘just like home-made’ insofar as they taste very similar to good burgers I would make myself. It’s just that I know, thanks to the ingredients list, that they cheat a little bit.

When it comes to nutrition, you should not expect too much; this is mostly beef, after all, with all the calories and fat you can expect. For the record, each patty contains 240 calories, 8 grams of saturated fat (43% of daily value) and 18 grams of proteins. Since ‘lean’ ground beef contains 15% or less of fat, I believe that these beef patties fall into the ‘lean’ category, or very close, since each patty weighs 113 grams, and contains 18 grams of total fat. The question is, what actual percentage of the weight of the burger is beef.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Cardinal Roadhouse Quarter Pound Beef Burger. They taste just right, and don’t contain any disgusting chemical products. They do, however, contain filler, but you can’t have everything. They cook nicely and quickly from frozen on the barbecue, and I’m going to have some more tonight, with a nice tall glass of iced tea to ward off the summer heat!