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Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2: Product Review

As the proud father of a band new baby girl – as of this writing – I am also a devoted purchaser of diapers. It’s really incredible how many diapers a newborn or infant will go through in any given day. If you’re a parent, you *know* what I’m talking about. If you’re not, you simply have no idea. This is why I am so happy that Costco makes diapers.

My local Costco carries both Huggies and the Kirkland Signature diapers. Both work very well, but considering the volume we’re talking about, the house brand wins, hands down. Since my baby is still very small, I will start by reviewing the smallest diaper size Costco makes, the Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2, for infants up to 15 pounds.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2

In terms of quality, and being leak-proof, I would rate the Kirkland Signature diapers on par with the leading brands. I guess that would depend on the child in question, but I’ve had both a both and now a girl, and they work fine for both.

One thing to consider is that Kirkland Signature lumps the size 1 and 2 in a single size, as opposed to other manufacturers, who will sell you separate diapers for the 1 and 2 sizes. This has the advantage of cutting down on costs, as the diapers get more expensive as they go up in size, but has the drawback of making the diapers quite large for infants, relatively speaking.

That being said, if you just fold the diapers at the front before securing them with the attached Velcro tabs, you’re fine, unless the baby is very tiny, such as less than 6 pounds. Our daughter was about 8 pounds when born, and we used one box of Newborn Pampers we had ( very expensive by the way) and went straight to the Kirkland Signature Diapers Size 1-2 with no problems.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2 (back of box)

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2 (back of box)

Performance-wise, these diapers have all the bells and whistles you would expect from the major brands, including the color-changing bar that tells you if you’re darling child has wet him or herself, the stretchy leak-proof waist and legs and of course, the super-absorbency that will let your child stay nice and dry, unless she poops, which mine does a lot. Between you and me, I can’t imagine letting my child sit in her waste for any length of time, but that’s neither here nor there.

As far as price goes, the Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers Size 1-2 costs $19.99 (Canadian) for a box of 136, which translates into just under 15 cents per diaper. This is a really good price. Other brands are usually in the 20 to 25 cents per-diaper bracket, unless they come on special at Costco, and then they’ll more or less match the Kirkland Signature price.

The bottom line is this: if you really like Huggies, buy them at Costco when they’re on special. Otherwise, buy the Kirkland Signature diapers. The money you save compared to buying them at the pharmacy or elsewhere, over a year, will by itself more than pay for your Costco Executive Membership.

Update – March 5th – The Kirkland Diapers are on sale at Costco! The 1-2 Size is $4.25 off per box, and the bigger sizes, $7-8 rebate! This is very timely indeed. I’ll be buying all my diapers for the next 2 years now.

Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen 200mg Liquid Capsules: Product Review

This is going to be a short review, for a simple reason. The product I am reviewing today is the exact same as the brand name – and I mean *identical* except that it is a lot cheaper. Just the way I like my Kirkland Signature products!

The product I’ve chosen today is the Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen 200mg Liquid Capsules. I’ve bought them at my local Costco for the ridiculously low price of $8.99, plus applicable taxes.

Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen 200mg Liquid Capsules

Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen 200mg Liquid Capsules

This product is the equivalent to the Advil Liqui-Gels; 200mg of Ibuprofen in a rapidly dissolving gel capsule.

As the box tells you, it is ideal for rapid migraine relief, also of menstrual pain, but I have no direct experience of that. What I can tell you, however, is that it figures prominently in my hangover cure / avoidance scheme.

The brand-name Advil is also available at Costco, of course, but you’d really have to be married to the brand to pass up crazy savings like this. At Well.ca, a box of 72 brand-name Advil Liqui-Gels costs $16.99, or 23.6 pennies per capsule. (this is not an affiliate link)

That sure doesn’t sound like much, doesn’t it? Well, compare this to 250 capsules for $8.99 when you shop smart and at Costco. It comes down to 3.6 pennies each. That’s a saving of about 85% for a comparable quantity. Let’s say that if you wanted to buy the same volume of brand-name pills as in a Kirkland Signature box, it would cost you $59.00.

Remember, Costco still makes money selling it at $8.99.

These are the kind of savings that pay for your membership card in no time. That and Kirkland Signature diapers, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you suffer from migraines, menstrual pain, have a fever or generally don’t feel so good, you can count on Kirkland Signature’s 200mg Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules to help put you back on your feet. By the way, I’m not a doctor, and nothing here is medical advice, ok?

Kirkland Signature Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips: Product Review

As you can certainly guess, I’m a big fan of Kirkland Signature and Costco products. I’m also a big fan of dip.

What do these two things have in common? Well, I tend to see chips of all kinds as a sort of dip delivery system, if you will; I rarely, if ever, eat chips just by themselves. Those are ‘crisps’ for you Brits out there. Weird.

In any case, I am extremely fond of the Krinkle Kut Kirkland Signature chips (you can read my review right here), but despite being less salty and greasy than other chips, they are still quite greasy and salty, and I get tired of them quickly for that reason.

The other day, my dear wife, who also loves dip and salsa, purchased some Tostitos salsa, which I will review here at some other point, as well as the Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips to go along with it. I’m usually not a huge fan of salsa, but this one was pretty good. The tortilla chips, however, were a true revelation!

Kirkland Signature Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips

Kirkland Signature Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips

According to the package, they claim to be ‘lightly salted’, which is true. While some chips taste saltier than others, overall they taste just salty enough not to be bland, but nothing overpowering. They are not greasy at all, which is a huge change from my usual Krinkle Kut chips.

The price of the Que Pasa Tortilla Chips varies quite a bit these days, because it is imported from the USA and the value of the Canadian dollar has been fluctuating quite a bit, but I usually purchase a 908 gram bag (2 pounds) for anywhere between $4.99 and $5.99, which in any case is a great price. This particular bag was $5.49, if I recall correctly.

What I enjoy particularly is that these tortilla chips are quite crunchy; you have to leave them in the dip for a long time for them to become soggy. It never comes to that.

These tortilla chips are made of corn flour, obviously, are completly cholesterol-free, trans-fat free and gluten free, and with only 3% of the daily recommended dose of sodium in each portion, you can really pig out. Each portion is a huge 30 chips, too!

For those who care about that stuff, these tortilla chips are organic. Personally, I could not possibly care less, but it can’t hurt, right?

Now obviously those chips are great with salsa, homemade or store-bought, but they are equally delicious with my homemade onion dip, which is quite rich in sour cream, yogurt, sriracha and more. I’ll share the recipe sometime, but not today.

In conclusion, I would recommended having a bag or two of these delicious  Kirkland Signature Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips around the house. They are great with any dip you could whip up, as well as salsa, and are a surprisingly guilt-free snack!

Kirkland Signature Italian Leather Belt, at Costco

Well, the holiday season must be approaching quickly, because all sorts of gifts not seen at any other time of year are now available at Costco! In particular, you’ll find new Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt

Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt

Belts and Ties. This year I have splurged on an Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt, for $19.99 at Costco (where else?). They were a little cheaper last year, if memory serves, $17.99, but if the belt’s good, I don’t mind the few extra dollars. I don’t buy those every month.

It’s not that I’m cheap per se, but I don’t like spending unnecessary money, and I hate even more buying junk. Except for funky belts you’ll wear a few times a year and for Halloween, I’ve owned a grand total of 2 – that’s two – belts in my life. I used them every day, until the leather broke. The last one I had for 15 years or more. Understand that I like buying quality.

I’m wearing the belt right now. There are several things I like about it, right off the bat:

First off, the leather is really thick, and was tanned in Italy. It’s full-grain, Italian leather as opposed to reconstituted or surface leather. To me, that’s the first sign of quality, or shoddiness if the leather’s thin. The stitching is straight, tight and looks durable.

Second, the leather is really shinny, although I’m not sure how long that will last. So far, it looks super hot. I’ve had my previous belt for so long I can’t remember how it looked when new.

Third, the buckle is hand-polished, with a satin gunmetal finish. It looks really good, and I hope it won’t rub off too soon.

The belt looks and feel real nice. The packaging was nice but overall ordinary. Just small enough to be easily wrapped and put under the tree! I bought mine in black, with the darkest buckle I could find, but there are several color options, for both the belt color and the buckle. I just like black. Goes well with everything.

There is only one negative thing to say about the belt, and it’s about the size. I wear pants at size 34, relatively comfortably, and as you can see, I bought the size 36 belt, just in case. It turns out that I am almost at maximum capacity on the belt, however; I only have one more hole to go until the belt is too small! That being said, and as my wife casually remarked, I should be planning on getting thinner, not fatter.


The Bottom Line on the Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt: it’s a BUY! Remember that the belts won’t be there for long – another month, maybe 6 weeks, and then they’ll be gone for another year. If you need a belt, and you want to buy it at Costco, then now’s the time!

Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup: Product Review

For those who don’t know this, let me be clear: having Maple Syrup in the fridge is absolutely crucial to Canadian families, and particularly French Canadian ones. Once derided as a lower-quality product – le sucre du pays – compared to cane and beet sugar, which are traditional refined sugar sources, maple syrup has a distinctive aroma and delicious taste that is, well, indescribable. Costco deciding to include Maple Syrup in its Kirkland Signature brand gives us the opportunity to purchase high quality maple syrup at an affordable price.

If anyone is looking into how seriously we take our maple syrup, check this list of terms directly associated with maple sugar and syrup. It’s in French, but you’ll get the idea.

Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup

Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup is quite exceptional, and just as good or better than any syrup commercially available. The price is right, too.

This maple syrup is sold, in-store only, for $12.99 (Canadian dollars) for 1 liter of golden ambrosia.

To be fair, I haven’t bought any other maple syrup in a long time, as this one is just toooo goooood. That being said, competitors seem to be priced about 30 to 40% more expensive.

I used to put maple syrup on everything, from pancakes and crepes to cereals, omelets and everything in between. My dear defunct mother used to cook up a maple syrup mousse that was incredibly simple to make, so sweet it made your teeth hurt, and yet so light and delicious my eyes are tearing up just thinking about it. I’m not joking.

That recipe was always zealously guarded, but my mother passed it on to my sister, of course, and in an act of incredible generosity, to my wife. Whenever we have it, my sister and I still fight over any extras, and will try to steal from each other’s plate, winner keeps all. She fights dirty, but I’m sneakier.

Alright, here ends the drive down memory lane. In an effort to reach middle age, I’ve slowed down my maple syrup consumption, but when I need to have some, and it still happens a few times a week, I crack open my jug of Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup.

It’s just the best.

Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix: Product Review

I love the end of the summer at Costco. It is always a good time of the year to save big on all sorts of products I would not normally buy, but at the price they’re selling them at, I can hardly say no. One such product I purchased was the excellent Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix.

Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix

Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix

I don’t remember exactly, but I am almost certain that this is a product that normally sells for about $10. I bought it when there were only a few tins left, for a mere $2.97.

Of course, that was in early September, and much too late in the season to fully enjoy such a product, but no matter. This stuff keeps, and it will still be there next summer, when I can completely enjoy the fruits of my savings!

Here are the Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix ingredients, in decreasing order of importance:

  • Sugar (that’s not a surprise)
  • Citric acid
  • Instant tea
  • Natural Lemon and Lime flavors
  • Guar Gum (more information right here)
  • Calcium Phosphate Tribasic
  • Silicon dioxide

Well, I don’t want to be a bummer, but this is a powered iced tea mix. Even though it’s really good, and from Costco’s Kirkland Signature, you’re gonna get some chemically-sounding ingredients. I’m afraid there’s no avoiding it.

On the plus side, this Costco Iced Tea Mix is really delicious, and I found that you don’t have to put much more of mix than the recommended amount to get a proper taste. This iced tea is quite sweet, of course, thanks to the sugar, but with its citric acid and natural lemon and lime flavors, seemingly very thirst-quenching as well. The tea taste doesn’t taste too artificial, but not too real, either. You know what I mean. It’s just right. You don’t want it to taste like a sweet, cold cup of tea. Gross.

By the time you read this, this delicious, sun-drenched product has certainly disappeared from the shelves of your Costco, unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a place when you can get this stuff year-round. Make sure to get it next summer, or at least at the end of next summer, to take advantage of the Costco liquidation specials!

UPDATE – May 14th, 2015 – Well, the interminable winter has gone by at last, and now it’s time for some summer drinks! Thankfully, I still have plenty of the Kirkland Signature Iced Tea Mix I bought last October, and I’m happy to report that there has been no deterioration of the product since then. It is still extremely powdery, has not clumped, and the taste is just awesome. I find that I have to put more than I used to to get the taste I want, but considering the size of the container, that’s hardly a problem. I guess maybe my tastes have changed, and I enjoy sweet stuff more? Who knows. Have a great summer!

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Cat Food

My wife and I have had our little cat, Tailchaser, for about 3 and a half years. He’s a black cat with a white belly – a tuxedo! – and we love him very much. What we don’t love is the price of cat food, which before we discovered the Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Cat Food,  was superbly expensive, in the order of about $35 to $45 dollars a month. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a lot of money, when you add it up.

Our cat, thankfully, isn’t really picky, so we decided to give a shot to the Costco-brand cat food. Everything else Kirkland Signature supplies seems of good quality, so why not?

Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food

Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food

It didn’t even take a day for the cat to adapt to the new food; we went ‘cold turkey’ with the food change, which I know isn’t ideal, but we were out of the other one. It doesn’t seem to have affected him, except for the fact that he’s crazy for the new food, purrs like crazy when we feed him!

Having a healthy, happy cat that loves his food is one, very important part of the equation, but it’s not the only one. Oh no.

The Costco Maintenance Cat Food, Chicken and Rice Formula, is dirt cheap compared to what is sold in pet stores. A massive, 20-pound (9.07 kilograms) bag costs only $16.99 Canadian dollars, and we can feed the cat for almost two months on that bag. Even if our cat ate like a pig and went through the whole thing in a month, which he can’t, it would still be a savings of over 50% from before.

You just can’t argue with that. When it comes to the ingredients, without being an expert, I don’t see anything that would be completely inappropriate, such as “Animal Protein Byproduct” or something of that ilk.

Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food Ingredients

Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food Ingredients

So far, so good. We’re on our second bag since we started feeding him the Kirkland-brand Cat Food, and our cat has managed to maintain his weight. He gained a little bit, but mostly (I think) because he doesn’t go outside as much as during the summer. Of course this has direct consequences on his litter box and litter consumption, but what can you do.

To learn more about what should and should not be in your pet’s food, click here. From what I could tell, the Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food (Chicken and Rice, Super Premium) seems to fare quite well, and even includes some Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are not required by law.

Update – July 10th, 2015 – My wife and I have decided to start giving our cat the low-calorie version of this cat food, Kirkland Signature brand of course, because it seems our cat gains quite a bit of weight with this one. There are no drawbacks as far as our cat’s appreciation of his food – he loves it – and he seems to not gain weight nearly as much. I’ll write a full review of the new cat food as quickly as possible, and post a link here.

Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream Product Review

Who doesn’t *LOVE* vanilla ice cream? Come on! No one? That’s what I thought. Vanilla Ice Cream goes well with everything dessert. You can pour any kind of syrup on it, it’ll be delicious, you can count on it. This is why I was particularly excited to find out that Costco’s Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream was on liquidation this week, along with all other ice creams, to make room for the winter stuff in the freezers. I bought a modest 4 half-gallons, or 1.65 liters each container, for the low-low price of $3.97 each. If you know your ice cream, you know that this is an exceptional price for an exceptional ice cream.

Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream

Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream

What I like about this Kirkland Signature Ice Cream is the ingredients list. Except for some stability agents, the list reads like something you would do yourself. Here goes, in decreasing order of content:

  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Skim Milk
  • Egg Yolk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Carob Gum
  • Guar Gum

This ice cream is certified Nut and Peanut-free, for allergies, and is made with 100% Canadian milk. There is a warning next to the ingredients list that specify that it may contain soy, which I suspect is there for legal reasons than for anything else.

This vanilla ice cream is delicious, simply put, and at only $3.97 per 1.65 liters, I could hardly say no. It is smooth and creamy, and will go well with any dessert, especially apple pies!

Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend Product Review

I love eating meat and carbohydrates, which is not ideal for my waist. Of course, my wife is always recommending that I include more vegetables in our meals, particularly for our son, but when I’m the one cooking, and it happens often, vegetables are always somehow left behind. I greatly dislike the hassle of cleaning and cutting and cooking. Always makes a mess, takes forever. I also dislike the frozen vegetables you get at the grocery store. They are overpriced and undersized, and I feel like I’m being had. This is why I am so happy that I discovered Kirkland Signature’s Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend, available exclusively at Costco. Finally, frozen vegetables that look even better than they would have if I’d prepared them myself!

Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend

Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend, $9.99 for 2.5 kilos at Costco

I’m a *huge* fan of the convenience of frozen vegetables, and generally speaking, studies have shown that frozen vegetables can be just as healthy as fresh ones, even more so when compared to imported, out-of-season vegetables. (source)

Compared to other frozen vegetables I’ve bought in the past, Kirkland Signature’s Stir-Fry Blend is quite impressive. The pieces are large and varied, unlike others that are all broccoli stems and peas. Here you’ll find plenty of baby corn, shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts, as well as the more traditional broccoli, carrots and peas. Here are the ingredients, in descending order of volume and quantity:

  • Broccoli
  • Green Beans
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Carrots
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Baby Corn
  • Yellow Onions
Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend (in bowl)

Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend (in bowl)

The nutrional value is of 40 calories per cup, with plenty of vitamin A and C, no fat,and very limited amounts of sodium and carbohydrates, all natural, as there is no sugar or salt added.

It is worthwhile to note that while onions are possibly the cheapest ingredients in the list, they appear last. That’s too bad, because I love onions, so when I stir-fry these vegetables, I always add an extra onion before starting to cook the frozen ones.

I always love to cook my vegetables until they are still a little crunchy, rather than soft and shapeless. I find that a quick stir-fry in the work, with some vegetable or olive oil and (eventually) a dash of soy sauce works perfectly. You’ll have, of course, to define and refine your own method!

Overall Value

The quality and taste of these frozen vegetables is exceptional, but what about the dollar value? Well, each 2.5 kilos (about 5 pounds) bag costs $9.99 Canadian at my local Costco. Each serving, according to the label, is 85 grams, or 1 cup, so that boils down to about 30 servings per bag, each costing approximately 33 cents. Let’s say 35 cents.

Taking into consideration that the vegetables will shrink slightly when cooked, I usually cook them about 5 servings at a time, which gives me enough vegetables for my wife and myself, our son (who doesn’t eat much vegetables yet) and another serving for lunch the next day. Math tells us that cooking about 5 cups costs $1.75.

  • Product Name: Kirkland Signature Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend
  • Available at: Costco (exclusively)
  • Size of Bag: 2.5 kilos
  • Cost of Bag: $9.99 (Canadian)
  • Servings per Bag: 29.41
  • Cost per Serving: $0.34
  • Cost per Meal (for me): $1.75

Being able to feed my family delicious, high quality and nutritious vegetables for $0.35 per serving, taking into consideration that there is *zero* prep time, is incredible. I highly recommend Kirkland Signature’s Frozen Vegetables Stir-Fry Blend to anyone who trying to introduce more vegetables into their diet, but finds fresh vegetables a little hard (or annoying) to work with!

Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners Product Review

If you’ve ever been to Costco, and you probably have, you’re heard all about their awesome Hot Dog and Drink combo, which has been the same price, $1.50 for as long as anyone can remember. Over 20 years, for sure. Through its Kirkland Signature brand, Costco has made available its delicious wieners to its legions of fans. Without further ado (not *adieu*), here is my overall product review of the incredible Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners, the same that is sold in Costco Food Courts all over the civilized world.

Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wiener Taste and Texture

When it comes to taste, that wiener simply cannot be beat. It offers all the great taste you would expect from an upscale hot dog sausage, with the assurance of an all-beef content, which is great news for Jews and Muslims, who can safely gorge on this wiener with the rest of us! The sausage is not overly salty, although it boasts a 1230 mg salt content per sausage, which comes out to 51% of your daily requirement. Needless to say, that’s *huge*.

Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners Product Review

Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners (pack of 14) for $11.99

As for texture, the Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners really come into their own when they are boiled, rather than grilled or (shudder!) microwaved. When cooked to perfection, they offer just the right amount of give under the tooth for the ultimate hot dog experience. Boiling the sausages also has the added benefit of leeching some salt out of them, which these salt-packs can definitely use.

Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wiener Ingredients

In decreasing order, you’ll find the following:

  • Beef
  • Water
  • Dextrose
  • Salt
  • Spices

The following ingredients, also in decreasing order, round up the content of these sausages: Sodium Lactate, Garlic, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Erythorbate, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrite, Liquid Smoke.

With so much sodium this and that, on top of the salt, no wonder these hot dogs make you feel like you have sausages for fingers after eating them!

The Kirkland Signature All-Beef Wieners also pack quite the punch when it comes to calories, with 350 calories per wiener. They also deliver quite the saturated fat wallop, with 12 grams per portions (66% of the daily recommended amount).

On the plus side, they contain no meat by-products or high-fructose corn syrup, which is the bane of our times, and for those who care about such things, are gluten-free. It does, however, contain dextrose, which is a starch-based carbohydrate and counts as a type of sugar.

The Verdict:

I love these wieners. They are all-beef, but still aren’t really good for you, perhaps maybe comparatively so. Even then, they come out being quite inexpensive, only $11.99 for a pack of 14, which comes down to a hair under 86 cents apiece. I enjoy cooking these wieners when I want to have friends over for a fun day around the pool and barbecue. Kirkland Signature’s All Beef Wiener, available exclusively at your local Costco, are a step up from your usual cheap hot dog sausages and will leave your guests asking for more! Considering their fat and salt content, it’ll be up to you to see if you’ll oblige them!