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Kirkland Signature Unpasteurized Liquid Honey 2 x 750g

I love having honey in my kitchen, not only because I can use it in various recipes and dips, but also for the simple, honest reason that I love to smear it on my toasts in the morning. My wife thinks I exaggerate, but there is no such thing when it comes to toast. I enjoy my toast with butter or margarine, peanut putter and of course, a generous helping of honey. With Kirkland Signature’s Unpasteurized Liquid Honey, available at Costco in 2 jars of 750 grams each, I can indulge at a very affordable price.

First off, let’s talk value. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Liquid Honey costs $11.49 for 2 bear-shaped jars of 750 grams each. Despite it being liquid, honey is still sold by weight rather than volume, but whatever. That translates to 1.5 kilograms for $11.49, or 76.6 cents per hundred grams. Compare, if you will, the prices for honey at Amazon.ca (in Canadian dollars) and at Amazon.com (in US dollars) and be amazed at the savings!

Kirkland Signature Unpasteurized Honey (2x750g)

Kirkland Signature Unpasteurized Honey (2x750g). Those bears look cute.

Let’s be clear, 76.6 cents per hundred gram of pure, liquid honey, made in Canada, not Argentina, is a fantastic deal, but how’s the honey? It has to be good!

Honestly, I love honey, and I haven’t yet met a honey that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I’m talking about pure honey here, not strange mixes. This honey is the real deal and is absolutely delicious, on toast, in a recipe, in a hot beverage or even just like that, with a spoon. I know some people believe that all honey sold in big  stores is Chinese junk, but I don’t believe Costco would endanger their name over honey.

For what it’s worth, each bottle has a “True Source Certified” logo, and nothing on the packaging indicates that this is anything but pure, delicious, Canadian honey. The honey tastes right, and I trust Costco so there you have it! For those curious about the pasteurization process, you can read more right here.

So far I’m very happy with my purchase of Kirkland Signature Unpasteurized Honey at Costco. I’ve written the purchase date and price on the bottles so I’ll be able to post a cost-per-day update in the future.