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Mikes Rosée Sauce at Costco: Product Review

It’s pretty sad, but I’ve lost the will to cook complicated meals a few years ago. I still love eating them, but I really can’t be bothered to cook them anymore. I need to get that spark back. In any case, since I still need to eat – and feed my family, might I add – I often resort to stuff that is already prepared. Of course, I’m not crazy, and I don’t want to eat food that is overly refined, or stuffed full of chemicals. Imagine my joy when I discovered Mikes Rosée Sauce, at Costco!

Mikes Rosee Sauce at Costco

Mikes Rosee Sauce at Costco

This is not the cheapest product Costco offers. Mikes Rosée Sauce is offered as a two-jar bundle, costing $7.99 Canadian for the lot. Each jar contains 900 ml of delicious, creamy homestyle cream and tomato sauce. I usually end up using half a jar per meal, feeding three people and with some left-overs for our lunches the next day. One of the three persons half a jar feeds is a small child, so say it’s enough for two adults.

I usually use Mikes Rosée tomato sauce with tortellini, which I purchase frozen from Costco when they are on special. which they were, last week. Coupled with a nice salad and perhaps a good glass of wine, you can have what feels like a fancy-ish meal for only a few dollars.

What this sauce is not, however, is healthy. It contains only wholesome ingredients, nothing weird or grossly artificial, but still, the wholesome ingredients in here are quite calorific, to say the least. Each 125 ml serving, or half-cup, contains an impressive 200 calories, including a whopping 16 grams of fat, 10 of which are saturated and count for 51% of the daily recommended value. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get 530 mg of salt (22% of the daily value) and 65 mg of cholesterol. To learn more about sauces, follow this link.

I don’t read that stuff too closely. Just closely enough that I don’t buy this sauce with too much regularity. Mikes Rosée sauce if one of the best creamy tomato sauces you can buy commercially, especially at Costco, but take care you don’t have it too often. You might end up wearing it!