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Lego City 60099 Advent Calendar now at Costco

Getting kids to be excited about Christmas is not a very difficult thing to do! I find the idea of the Advent Calendar compelling, even though we are not very religious at all, as it helps crystallize┬áin their young minds the idea of *waiting* for something. This is something that is considerably hard to establish with kids, for some reason. I’m not a huge fans of Advent Calendars that come with a bunch of chocolate inside – they don’t need any more of that – but on the other hand, you can never have too many Legos! Introducing the really cool Lego City 60099 Advent Calendar, available in a bunch of places, as well as my local Costco!

Lego City 60099 Advent Calendar

Lego City 60099 Advent Calendar

I love Legos as much as the next guy … I mean, my son loves Legos as much as any four-year-old can… and there can never be too many Legos in a house.

I love the idea of getting a little toy every day of the Advent Calendar. These are not cheap Kinder toys, or Dollarama crap. These are genuine, brand name Legos that fit with all the other Legos we own. There’s a Lego Santa, cops and robbers, a snow man and a bunch of other things.

This Lego City set is available at my local Costco for only $29.99 – $10 cheaper than on Amazon. For a set containing 278 pieces, this is a really good price, and something original to give your kids just ahead of Christmas. If you’re interested in this Lego Advent Calendar, I would encourage you to get there soon. There is a limited quantity, and Costco won’t be receiving more between now and Christmas.