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Lever Handle Lock Product Review

The exact product I am reviewing today is the ‘Lever Handle Lock’, item number 046-2127-0 sold at Canadian Tire, and possibly many other places. It is designed and manufactured by Safety 1st, which make a whole array of other baby related products.

Generally, I have been happy with their products even though they give me the impression of being somewhat at the bottom of the scale. Regardless, in this case I was looking for a child-proofing mechanism that would work with lever handle door ‘knobs’, so to speak, and theirs was the easiest product to get.


Lever Handle Lock, 046-2127-0 (Photo Credit: Canadian Tire)

I purchased the item at my local Canadian Tire store. Like everything in that store, it feels slightly over-priced, so I only bought one, to try. Here are the details:

  • Item Name: Lever Handle Lock
  • Place purchased: Canadian Tire, brick-and-mortar store
  • Stock number: 046-2127-0
  • Manufacturer: Safety 1st
  • Price: $6.29 ($7.23 with taxes)

The packaging of the product is ordinary, but thankfully easy to open – not a clamshell-type hard plastic pack. The instructions on how to install the device are inside and not on the back.

Installing the lever handle lock child-proofing device requires you to remove the handle on both sides of the door, positioning the device and then re-installing the handles. The process is relatively simple and following the instructions, took me no more than a few minutes.

Note: The device MUST be installed on the side that you wish to prevent your child from entering. For me, it’s the office. Too much stuff for him to play with in there. Remember that if you are in the room and that you close the door to keep the child out, YOU WILL BE LOCKED IN. Part of the mechanism of the device allows is to be left in the ‘open’ position, disabling it. This is great to avoid accidents and embarrassment if you’re alone at home.

In terms of functionality, the lever handle lock works just fine. It looks like it will take a while for our toddler to figure out, which is great, and it doesn’t look terrible, although the goes-with-everything white the device comes in looks like it gets dirty really easily.

There are a few things I don’t like about it. First, and this may just in the case of my specific door handles, but even in the open position, depressing the lever to open the door pushes against the device, straining the handle unnecessarily. Second, the price. Even though it works fine at its designated purpose, this device looks like it should be priced in the $4-5 range, no more. It is nothing more than molded plastic in a cheap, thin cardboard-backed package.

LivingWellCheaply.com Star Rating: Four out of Five Stars

If you’re looking for the exact same product, here’s the link: Lever Handle Lock, item number 046-2127-0