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Simplicity Plus Cat Litter Now at Costco

I’m a big fan of the cat litter normally available at Costco, Qualicat. I’ve been using it for years, and it performs admirably. It keeps the nasty ammonia smell away, mostly, and is surprisingly easy to clean thanks to its clumping capabilities. My local Costco sells pallets and pallets of the stuff every week, thanks no doubt in great part to its excellent price, only $7.99 for 22.7 kilograms, or 50 pounds.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a new brand no earlier than two weeks ago. The Simplicity Yours cat litter brand is now available at Costco, at least in Canada. Visually speaking, the box is exactly the same size and weight, 22.7 kilograms, except it has a slightly more modern design and graphics. As far as the litter goes, it looks exactly the same as the Qualicat, except maybe a tiny bit more finely ground. Not much, but a bit. This may help improve clumping.

Simplicity Plus Cat Litter at Costco

Simplicity Plus Cat Litter at Costco

As you can see on the picture above, Simplicity Plus Cat Litter positions itself as a better-clumping, dust-free cat litter that is designed to handle the waste of several cats at once. Here are some of the details:

  • Made from 100% natural clay, which is unfortunately strip-mined
  • Contains Baking Soda and Odor Check; great idea. I hope there’s a lot.
  • Moisture activated herbal botanical essence, which is in theory a great idea.
  • Immediate extra-strength odor control; we’ll see about that
  • Harder and faster clumping; I’m tempted to believe that one, based on the litter consistency
  • 99% dust-free; compared to what? 1% can still be a lot.
  • Claims to be safe for cats and kittens; good! Isn’t it made for them?

I’m sorry I’m being cynical here, but come on. This is cat litter, made from strip-mined clay with some baking soda and scent added. I’m certain it works well, and I understand they have a product to sell, but I find it increasingly difficult to take packaging claims seriously, let alone at face value. Like the guys making bacon who had the great idea of labeling it ‘Gluten Free!’ to get on the bandwagon. Give me a break. Feel free to follow this link to learn about other types of cat litter.

Of course, everything else being equal, the Simplicity Plus Cat Litter offered at Costco has one advantage over Qualicat: it is a whole $0.20 cheaper. Not per pound, mind you. Twenty cents cheaper. Per box. It costs $7.79 instead of the outrageous $7.99 Costco charges for Qualicat. I’ve decided to save 20 pennies and give it a shot, to see if the product measures up to the hype on the box. I’ll update this post in the future with the results. In the meantime, if you’ve tried it before, go ahead and chime in in the comments!

UPDATE – November 10th, 2014

This litter *sucks*. The whole basement smells like the worst kind of litter, never mind the “odor control formula” and the clumping is just a terrible, terrible joke. My cat’s number one business clumps fall apart at the first sign of scooping, requiring me to change more litter than I should, and number two business doesn’t really require clumping, now does it?

I would be better off with a box of sand.

I will go through this box – quickly, I might add – and go back to Qualicat cat litter, which has found its place anew at my local Costco. Goodbye, Simplicity Plus Cat Litter! You’re a horrible product and I’ll be thrilled to see the last of you!

Costco Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review

Having a pet obligatorily entails certain expenses, as I’m sure most of you know. You need to have it groomed once in a while, if it’s a dog, and in all cases, you have to feed it. In the case of cats that are primarily indoor pets, you also have to give them a safe and comfortable place in which to do their… business, let’s say. This is not a major expense – food is much, much worse – however like everything else, it does add up. This is where Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter comes into play.

We’ve had our cat for a little over 3 years, and he’s a mostly well-behaved, non-biting and fully-clawed little bugger called Tailchaser. We named him after the hero of Tad Williams‘ classic fantasy novel Tailchaser’s Song, one of my favorite books.

Costco's Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review

Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review (Costco Canada item number 205233)

Available at Costco (and possibly elsewhere), Qualicat Cat Litter costs a mere $7.99 (Canadian) for a whopping 50-pound box. I don’t need to tell you that this is a LOT of kitty litter! If you were so inclined to see it in a more mathematical light, this comes out to a ridiculous $0.16 – sixteen pennies! – per pound of cat litter!

Besides its incredible low cost, Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter offers solid clumping power, making cleaning the litter box a breeze. It also helps control odors quite well, as I am never left reeling from the stench of ammonia as I perform this less than desirable task.

On the negative side of things, it appears that clay kitty litter – which this is – is not too good for the lungs of your little furry friends, as it can lead to an accumulation of the stuff in their lungs, among other things.

For those who consider themselves to be Eco-warriors and conscious about all that environment stuff, know that this stuff is strip-mined, which is of course the worse thing ever. You can read more about it here and here.

All in all, I consider Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter a very good purchase, as it gives me a lot of value for the dollar. I will gladly shift to another type of kitty litter once they decide they can offer me comparable price / value. Come on, this is stuff made for cats to poop in, it can’t be that expensive to make!

Late August 2014 – Update!

Even though my Costco cat litter is practically free, at 16 pennies a pound, I’m happy to report that our cat has been going outside this summer! He’s an indoor, apartment cat that has discovered the great outdoors since we moved out of the city. This means that he’s doing his business, so to speak, outside and not in the cat litter box, which means that I don’t have to buy as much, at least for the summer!

In all honesty, it’s not really the cost of litter that bothers me, but rather the weight! The box is so heavy that it annoys me greatly when I have to buy it, so the least often, the better, I say!

March, 2015 Update – While the Qualicat is still available at my Costco, it has been brought to my attention (by alert reader Aline) that the price of the litter has increased in the Windsor (Canada) Costco, to $8.49 per box. While this is not a crushing increase, it is annoying, especially since it’s going to happen more and more as the Canadian dollar falls against the US dollar. I have been noticing many price increases of imported goods. Of course, since Costco’s profit margins are so small, they would be among the first to raise prices, since no one in their right mind can sell something at a loss.

Update – September 21st, 2015 – In an effort to get with the time, I’ve made a video review of the Qualicat Cat Litter. Enjoy!