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Betty Crocker Peeler at Dollarama: Product Review

I was initially surprised in finding a well-known name like Betty Crocker on a bunch of random, food-related products at Dollarama. After all, the chain is known for selling items very inexpensively, and usually, the quality follows the price paid, and Betty Crocker is better known for their cake mixes than kitchen hardware. That being said, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Betty Crocker Peeler I bought at Dollarama.

Betty Crocker Peeler at Dollarama

Betty Crocker Peeler at Dollarama

I was very doubtful about the value of this product upon purchase. I had had the same peeler for over 10 years before this purchase, and it was quality stuff. Metal handle and blade holder, all cast in one piece, pleasantly heavy. Unfortunately, it had become old and tired, and the blade flipped very easily mid-peel, hacking away pieces of vegetables, leading to disfigured produce and increasing waste. It also dug quite deep, perfect for shredding carrots for a salad, but less so for standard peeling.

The first thing I noticed about the new Betty Crocker peeler is that is seems flimsy. It is extremely light-weight, and the plastic feels cheap. Of course, I bought it for $2 at Dollarama, so you can’t exactly expect great things.

I did, however, expect it to peel vegetables, and at that job, it does work quite well. The blade doesn’t seem nearly as cheap as the rest of the peeler, and a good thing, too, since it’s the most important part.

Betty Crocker Peeler blade

Betty Crocker Peeler blade

Once I got to peeling, I noticed that the blade has a very different profile than the one I was used to, much less aggressive. This means that generally speaking, it digs much less in the vegetables and whatever else I need peeled. This sometimes means that I have to do another pass when peeling, but overall, much less waste than before.

I would not say that the new Betty Crocker peeler I got for $2 from Dollarama is a great product. It feels very cheap and flimsy, but does a suprisingly good job at its intended purpose. This means that for the money, this product offers excellent value. You’re not going to get a great cast aluminum grip, but you’ll get a decent, well-designed blade that’s sharp and easy to clean. Even if you have to buy a new one every year because the handle breaks, you’re still ahead if you want to avoid investing more money.


  • Sharp blade, doesn’t cut too deep
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Stylish design


  • Handle is very cheap and feels shoddily assembled

THE VERDICT: Unless you want to spend a LOT more money to buy something that basically does the same thing, but looks and feels nicer, the Betty Crocker Peeler is a very good option, and a BUY.

Update – November 5th, 2015 – My wife was using the peeler, and had a few observations to make. It seems that it is not so good when peeling hard produce, such as squash, since you have to peel upwards – towards you – and it makes is a bit dangerous. Also, while the blade is quite sharp, it is a little flimsy and will bend under these circumstances. Overall, the verdict remains a BUY, with this little caveat.