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Kirkland Signature Italian Leather Belt, at Costco

Well, the holiday season must be approaching quickly, because all sorts of gifts not seen at any other time of year are now available at Costco! In particular, you’ll find new Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt

Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt

Belts and Ties. This year I have splurged on an Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt, for $19.99 at Costco (where else?). They were a little cheaper last year, if memory serves, $17.99, but if the belt’s good, I don’t mind the few extra dollars. I don’t buy those every month.

It’s not that I’m cheap per se, but I don’t like spending unnecessary money, and I hate even more buying junk. Except for funky belts you’ll wear a few times a year and for Halloween, I’ve owned a grand total of 2 – that’s two – belts in my life. I used them every day, until the leather broke. The last one I had for 15 years or more. Understand that I like buying quality.

I’m wearing the belt right now. There are several things I like about it, right off the bat:

First off, the leather is really thick, and was tanned in Italy. It’s full-grain, Italian leather as opposed to reconstituted or surface leather. To me, that’s the first sign of quality, or shoddiness if the leather’s thin. The stitching is straight, tight and looks durable.

Second, the leather is really shinny, although I’m not sure how long that will last. So far, it looks super hot. I’ve had my previous belt for so long I can’t remember how it looked when new.

Third, the buckle is hand-polished, with a satin gunmetal finish. It looks really good, and I hope it won’t rub off too soon.

The belt looks and feel real nice. The packaging was nice but overall ordinary. Just small enough to be easily wrapped and put under the tree! I bought mine in black, with the darkest buckle I could find, but there are several color options, for both the belt color and the buckle. I just like black. Goes well with everything.

There is only one negative thing to say about the belt, and it’s about the size. I wear pants at size 34, relatively comfortably, and as you can see, I bought the size 36 belt, just in case. It turns out that I am almost at maximum capacity on the belt, however; I only have one more hole to go until the belt is too small! That being said, and as my wife casually remarked, I should be planning on getting thinner, not fatter.


The Bottom Line on the Kirkland Signature Full-Grain Italian Leather Belt: it’s a BUY! Remember that the belts won’t be there for long – another month, maybe 6 weeks, and then they’ll be gone for another year. If you need a belt, and you want to buy it at Costco, then now’s the time!