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Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81mg

I’m not much of an hypochondriac, I’m pretty healthy and I try to eat as well as I reasonably can. That being said, I’m a little bit paranoid. I am, after all, now at the age where it’s no longer weird or completely unexpected to have a heart attack.

You know, when you’re in your twenties or thirties, you can pretty much eat whatever you want, smoke cigarettes like they’re going out of style and generally be unhealthy, and you’ll still be ok. Probably. But once you hit 40, things change.

Now we’ve been told about the benefits of Aspirin, or acetylsalicylic acid, for a long time. You can either pay through the nose for brand-name Bayer Aspirin, or swallow your pride, save a bunch of money and buy the Kirkland Signature Enteric Doated Low Dose ASA 81 mg at Costco.

Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg

Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg

Costco being Costco, this bottle costs $4.99 (canadian) for 300 tablets, or just under 1.7 pennies each. This is really cheap. The Aspirin-brand product right next to it on the shelf was $16.99. Now I don’t know how many tablets were in that bottle, but let me assure you that it wasn’t 1,700 or so.

I’ve been taking these pills for a few days now, and I can happily report that I’ve not had a heart attack. Honestly, this is a tough product to review, because I’m certain the Kirkland Signature product is absolutely equal to its competitors. What’s really on trial here are the advantages and disadvantages of taking an Aspirin a day.

I’m no doctor, but thanks to the Internet, I’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of pros and cons.


  • Reduced risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Reduced risk of colorectal cancer


  • Increased risk of ulcers and GI bleeding
  • Difficulty of blood coagulation
  • Swelling of skin tissue in some patients

There’s a whole lot of information on this page, if you’re keen to read it.

In my case, I did not notice any direct benefits, except of course that I remain heart-attack free – touch wood. I did, however, notice that I had insane heartburn yesterday. Considering I take prescription medication for the heartburn, this was extremely unexpected and supremely unpleasant. Check out the side of the ASA box, too:

Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg Warning

Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg Warning

Now I understand that Costco, like any other ‘manufacturer’ of this type of product, need to protect themselves with fine-print in case anything ever happens to one of their customers after taking their product, and I respect that.

In my case, however, it convinced me to wait until I talk to my doctor before resuming taking this medication.

As the package says, this pill is designed to minimize the gastrointestinal discomfort that can be caused by its active ingredient. This is done through having a coated pill, and a time-release mechanism. Gone are the chalky Aspirins of yesteryear!

That being said, and despite Kirkland Signature’s best intentions, there is nothing that can be down that can actually lessen the risks inherent to taking this medication, so it’s really a matter of weighing the pros and cons, with the help of your doctor.

As far as the product itself, I’m certain that the Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose ASA 81 mg is of high quality. According to what I’ve read, the dosage even seems appropriate, as it’s been scientifically proven that higher doses do not provide better results, as far as the preventative aspects of acetysalicylic acid goes. Just a last reminder: I’m not a doctor, and nothing here is medical advice. Talk to your doctor. I know I will.