Staples Can be Boring

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about going to Staples, the store, although that can be pretty boring as well. Choosing between different qualities, or ‘weights’ of paper has never been that attractive to me. Thankfully, when I talk about staples, I mean rice and pasta and potatoes and ground beef and whatnot.

The problem with these kinds of staples is that cooking with them always requires more time and a lot more imagination, both of which are in short supply at this time. So in addition to our traditional, boring purchases, last week I made the purchase of a roast chicken, which was, as usual, quite delicious. Here’s what I got at Costco:

  • One roast chicken; Price: $7.99
  • One gallon 1% milk; Price: 5.82
  • One gallon whole milk; Price: $6.32
  • Kirkland Signature Basmati Rice; Price: $9.89
  • 18 Extra-large eggs; Price: $3.89

The total was $35.11, including taxes, which applies only on the chicken.

In case you’re wondering how come the milk is so expensive, it is because it is ‘price-controlled’ to protect farmers. Good old supply-side management. Fails. Every. Single. Time.

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