Some Thoughts about Living Well Cheaply

When I started writing this blog, I thought I would mostly be writing about the quality products I buy at Costco, publishing reviews and my own observations. It occurs to me, however, that living well cheaply – and that’s the name of my blog – is about much more than that.

It’s about enjoying yourself. Not only counting pennies and dollars and saving money, but also spending money to entertain yourself. You can’t always be looking at money; life becomes quickly drab, especially if you don’t have much.

I’ve decided to include some other types of reviews and observations in my blog. I’ve found that the two cheapest and most enjoyable ways to entertain myself (and mind you, that’s entirely personal, everyone is different) are reading, and video games.

I’m pushing 40 now, so I’m an old hand at playing video games. I started on a TSR-80, a Tandy from Radio Shack, believe it or not, and have used every iteration of the PC since the XT. I remember Burger Time, Alley Cat, Spy Hunter and the original King’s Quest, and countless others.

Now I play more modern games, but I don’t mind giving the old classic a go once in a while. Even the most expensive game on the market is very affordable when you consider the number of hours of entertainment you’ll get out of it.

As for reading, well what can I say. I used to read a lot. A LOT. I used to not discriminate, and as a result I’ve read a lot of garbage. That’s Ok.

So I’ll be writing book reviews and articles about the games I’m playing, always with an angle towards cheap entertainment. Because living well, cheaply and in a way we can afford is what this is all about.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts about Living Well Cheaply

  1. Minibro

    Ah! I well recall that Glorious game we played for minutes… Alley Cat! When that dog would come barking in and the %&$@ cat would jump on the trash can… When you would try to jump in an opening window and get hit by the… whatever it was the owner would throw out.

    So few (if any) found memories.


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