Simplicity Plus Cat Litter Now at Costco

I’m a big fan of the cat litter normally available at Costco, Qualicat. I’ve been using it for years, and it performs admirably. It keeps the nasty ammonia smell away, mostly, and is surprisingly easy to clean thanks to its clumping capabilities. My local Costco sells pallets and pallets of the stuff every week, thanks no doubt in great part to its excellent price, only $7.99 for 22.7 kilograms, or 50 pounds.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a new brand no earlier than two weeks ago. The Simplicity Yours cat litter brand is now available at Costco, at least in Canada. Visually speaking, the box is exactly the same size and weight, 22.7 kilograms, except it has a slightly more modern design and graphics. As far as the litter goes, it looks exactly the same as the Qualicat, except maybe a tiny bit more finely ground. Not much, but a bit. This may help improve clumping.

Simplicity Plus Cat Litter at Costco

Simplicity Plus Cat Litter at Costco

As you can see on the picture above, Simplicity Plus Cat Litter positions itself as a better-clumping, dust-free cat litter that is designed to handle the waste of several cats at once. Here are some of the details:

  • Made from 100% natural clay, which is unfortunately strip-mined
  • Contains Baking Soda and Odor Check; great idea. I hope there’s a lot.
  • Moisture activated herbal botanical essence, which is in theory a great idea.
  • Immediate extra-strength odor control; we’ll see about that
  • Harder and faster clumping; I’m tempted to believe that one, based on the litter consistency
  • 99% dust-free; compared to what? 1% can still be a lot.
  • Claims to be safe for cats and kittens; good! Isn’t it made for them?

I’m sorry I’m being cynical here, but come on. This is cat litter, made from strip-mined clay with some baking soda and scent added. I’m certain it works well, and I understand they have a product to sell, but I find it increasingly difficult to take packaging claims seriously, let alone at face value. Like the guys making bacon who had the great idea of labeling it ‘Gluten Free!’ to get on the bandwagon. Give me a break. Feel free to follow this link to learn about other types of cat litter.

Of course, everything else being equal, the Simplicity Plus Cat Litter offered at Costco has one advantage over Qualicat: it is a whole $0.20 cheaper. Not per pound, mind you. Twenty cents cheaper. Per box. It costs $7.79 instead of the outrageous $7.99 Costco charges for Qualicat. I’ve decided to save 20 pennies and give it a shot, to see if the product measures up to the hype on the box. I’ll update this post in the future with the results. In the meantime, if you’ve tried it before, go ahead and chime in in the comments!

UPDATE – November 10th, 2014

This litter *sucks*. The whole basement smells like the worst kind of litter, never mind the “odor control formula” and the clumping is just a terrible, terrible joke. My cat’s number one business clumps fall apart at the first sign of scooping, requiring me to change more litter than I should, and number two business doesn’t really require clumping, now does it?

I would be better off with a box of sand.

I will go through this box – quickly, I might add – and go back to Qualicat cat litter, which has found its place anew at my local Costco. Goodbye, Simplicity Plus Cat Litter! You’re a horrible product and I’ll be thrilled to see the last of you!

29 thoughts on “Simplicity Plus Cat Litter Now at Costco

  1. Barb

    I read your initial review of the cat litter that Costco carried and I have to agree with you that it was an awesome litter. You see, I run a cat rescue and go through a lot of litter – 300 lbs a week give or take so the price and quality of the litter is a very important thing around here! It is the reason why I have a Costco membership as a matter of fact. Like you, I recently was surprised when I saw the new product about a week ago. I’ve had a chance to try the litter and I have to say that this will be the last membership that I renew at Costco. I no longer need a membership to get the same poor quality, very dusty litter which is available at any other large retailer where I don’t need a membership. It is much dustier because the particles are more finely ground. Dustier litter = messier house and kennels. Additionally, when the particles are smaller, they don’t clump as well. This new product claims to be formulated for a multi cat house, which clearly I have, but I can tell you that this new formula is much worse than the last. The old product claimed to be 99% dust free and the new product claims the same amount. I am no mathematician but one of these claims is false.
    Clearly the folks in the decision making positions know nothing about cats because anyone who has one knows that you never, ever, suddenly change the type of litter or you risk litter box issues with a cat. A notice at the store saying that they were planning on making a change would have been nice because I would have kept some of the old stuff and slowly switched my boxes over instead of going cold turkey like I had to.

    I give this product two thumbs down.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Barb,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Are you sure they will be discontinuing the Qualicat at Costco? My Costco has the two products, side by side, and the Qualicat is still clearly overselling the new one. I only have a single cat, so I’m very grateful for the insight you provided on having many cats and going through a lot of litter.

      Thank you again and have a great day!

    2. Samantha J

      Greetings fellow cat lovers!

      I am a crazy cat lady and have 8 indoor cats and thank heavens for Costco cat litter.

      Sometime ago Costco used to sell simplicity cat litter…….and I loved it. Then they stopped selling it and switched…..overnight to qualicat. I totally fell in love with it… did my cats………very little dust……and no SMELL.
      Even my vet came into my home and asked me my secret because he could not tell I had any cats.

      I could only credit the qualicat cat litter.

      So imagine my surprise when I went into Costco the other day to find they have changed the litter.
      I thought ok I used to like it….so lets see!

      A week after changing to the new litter my cats are still having problems adjusting and I can smell the litter from the top of the stairs. I am scooping it more than twice a day…..have added baking soda to the bottom of their pans……wow….I cant believe that cat litter could make such a difference.

      So obviously my kitties have spoken……thumbs down!
      I hope they bring back qualicat……


    3. Gloria Hernandez

      hi! we have been buying this product and were very satisfied with it, somehow, the last two boxes, the kitty litter does not clump up, and does not eliminate odors either. we use two boxes, 2 cats, and is the first time we are having problems.. the box print show ‘new and improved’, actually the litter was better before.. friends and family had noticed the quality decline as well..
      We hope you can revise and improve the product

  2. Denise Greene

    My kitty is just two years old, and we have been using the Breeze Litter System for those two years, but lately we had been dissatisfied with it, and, for some reason, it was smelling awful. So we dumped the whole system, bought disposable cat litter pans (high-sided) and the Simplicity Plus litter. I knew we could be in for trouble because we did it when moving. So many changes at once for the little girl, but she took to the Simplicity Plus and the new (and very different) litter box immediately. Unfortunately, I can’t really compare it with any other regular cat litter because of having used only the Breeze system before. However, it clumps really well, really quickly, making the box very easy to scoop. I do smell the litter box in the whole house–not the waste odor, simply the litter itself, but I don’t want to smell the litter, either. I will try Qualicat if I can find it because of what you have said here. Thanks.

  3. Angie

    Hi there,
    I was reading your posting about the switch to Simplicity Plus cat litter that Costco did recently- I don’t have a Costco close by, so I drive 45 min to my nearest one in Kitchener, ON. I have a multi-cat household and usually buy 40+ boxes of litter from Costco each year. We load up when we make the trip! I have to say I LOVED how the QualiCat litter worked at controlling odours. The dust factor, I think they are all dusty, but that isn’t a big issue with me. My husband picked up the last batch and we noticed then that they had made the switch. Same size box and same price-but this Simplicity Plus is garbage!!! I can’t believe the difference-no odour control at all! I’ve had to do a total dump and refill only days after filling the boxes??!! I’ve never had that with QualiCat litter before. I was just about to write Costco a letter about this, and saw your posting. I can’t believe they would switch to a far less superior product, and I’m hoping that if enough people complain,they will bring Qualicat back!! Thanks for your posting! 🙂

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Angie!
    Thank you for taking the time to comment! I’m happy to report that my Costco is no longer carrying the Simplicity Plus brand, and has gone back to Qualicat. Hopefully this lasts.

    My Costco is in the Montreal area, so that may be quite a drive for you, I hope they take the same decision in your area!

    Have a great day and thanks for reading!


    1. Angie

      Thank you Alex for the encouraging news!! I will still write that letter in hopes they will see the light! LOL
      It would be a bit of a drive, but I do have family in the area 🙂

    2. Barb

      I called my local Costco today and they said that the product was de-listed which meant to the manager I spoke to that either it was no longer available for purchase or they couldn’t agree on a price. I am encouraged to hear that the good litter is still available in some areas so I’ll send a letter to Ontario head office and beg for them to bring it back in the stores.

  5. Tamara

    Big 2 thumbs down on the new litter at Costco. Everyone should make sure to hit up your local cost is and complain I am returning the unused portion to them today . It’s very poor quality very dusty it claims 99% dust free I think they have that backwards it seems like 1% dust free and does not help with cat box odours at all smells through the whole house

  6. Alex

    I was relieved to find this posting. The new litter is TERRIBLE. I can’t believe how much dust it generates. We have it in the storage room, and the whole place is now coated in dust (after just 2 weeks), the rooms nearest to it smell dusty, and the cat smells dusty. Also, it does nothing to keep the odour down. I’ve only used a bit of the new stuff, and we’re throwing the rest of it out and buying something else in the meantime. I have sent Costco an email complaining, hopefully something gets done.

    1. admin Post author

      Agreed. It is terrible. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks – have to go through that 50-pound box! – and neither myself nor my cat like it. It is super-dusty and doesn’t clump nearly as well as the Qualicat. I’m happy my Costco got rid of it. Thank for reading and commenting!

  7. Nora Curtis

    What has happened to Qualicat? This new litter is terrible it does not clump, is very dusty and smells bad. I hope this is just a bad judgement call by Costco, this is the worst litter I have ever used. We have 6 cats and they do not like to like the litter. PLEASE PLEASE bring back Qualicat

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Nora? Which Costco do you go to? Mine had Simplicity Plus for a couple of weeks – maybe a month – then went back to Qualicat. Hopefully the same will be true of yours!

  8. Paul

    Completely agree on Qualicat!!!

    I ran out of Qualicat yesterday and opened a box of it’s Costco replacement, Simplicity Plus, and it truly does SUCK. The moment I scooped the first cup out of the box and into the litter box I was enveloped by a plume of dust. Scooping also results in copious amounts of dust.

    Does anyone know where to get Qualicat now that Costco no longer stocks it? I’m in Hamilton and can’t find anything on the Internet about the Qualicat product, or who else stocks the product.

  9. Doris Fox

    The new litter at Costco – Simplicity Plus – is Terrible !!!
    #1 It has POOR Odour Control
    #2 it is extremely dusty – causing furnace issues
    #3 poor packaging – the bag rips easily causing litter to go everywhere….

    Hoping costco in Windsor goes back to Qualicat !!!!

  10. Carol

    I am upset at how dusty this litter has gotten over the years. I am concerned my cats are breathing it in and it is uncomfortable for them. When I pour it in I can’t even breath. What is the problem? Why is it unbelievably dusty??

    1. admin Post author

      I hear you Carol. I’m just finishing my box of this substandard product and will be going back to Qualicat afterwards, as it is stocked by my local Costco. I’ve been very disappointing with the Simplicity Plus cat litter, overall. Terrible odor control, incredibly dusty, etc. It really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities.

      1. Barb

        I’ve stopped shopping at Costco period now that they stopped carrying my litter.
        I only got the membership for the cat litter and food.

  11. Julie

    I agree with all of the negative comments, to the point that I would say this company is guilty of false representation regarding its product. The only thing that might be true on the box is that the product is made of clay. I will write to Costco & am considering a consumer bureau complaint. I drive 30 minutes to Costco in Kitchener to buy four boxes of this product. If this Costco has gone back to the previous cat litter I will continue to shop there. Otherwise, not worth the trip.

    1. admin Post author

      I feel your pain, and I’d only bought ONE of the terrible things. Thank heavens I’m now through with it, and can go back to trusted Qualicat litter.

  12. Avanzi

    Can’t believe the negative comments on simplicity plus. I was surprised to find it in the Costco about a month back. Almost out and unfortunately they quickly went back to qualicat. Simplicity has much better clumping properties and there is no difference in odor control. Qualicat clumps break easily, leaves little marbles behind and requires more clean up. I prefer to have a well maintained litter box and Qualicat makes it harder to do so.

    1. admin Post author

      Well, we’re obviously not talking about the same Simplicity Plus cat litter. The one I had stinks to high heavens (quite literally), clumps terribly, and basically has no redeemable qualities. Qualicat is much better, and everyone here seems to be of the same mind on this.

      That being said, you go with what works for you, and if Simplicity Plus is it, then go for it, and thanks for reading!

      1. Avanzi

        I think I’d know what litter I used. Never noticed a difference in odor. Definitely clumps much better. Definitely dusty despite box saying it is 99% dust free.

        1. admin Post author

          Hey Avanzi! Like I said before, you go with whatever works for you and your cats, obviously. My personal experience, and apparently that of the majority of my readers, is that the Qualicat is better for both clumping and odor control, but that doesn’t mean its better for everyone! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

        2. Angelo

          Avanzi, Your comments are so reversed from what others are experiencing it makes me suspicious you are a company shill. How many cats do you care for? How much of each product have you gone through? I purchase 500Lbs of litter at a time working for Rescue & Foster. On top of what we purchase, we get ever type of cat litter donated. Incoming rescue cats have some amazingly stinky stools and urine! Add to that a un-neutered Tom’s smell, Ha! Avanz, your comments hold no weight with me. You either confused , a shill or a troll. Qualicat out performs most other brands for clumping, smell and dust. It was the best bang for the buck for the Rescue.

          Anyone reading this, the next time you buy cat littler, please buy an extra Bag or Box of your brand and donate it to your closest non-profit cat rescue & foster. Don’t cheap out, get the clumping type! It saves the shelters so much time, work and garbage when it’s clumping.

          1. Avanzi

            Yes, shoot down any one with a differing opinion. Mature. You must be friends with the Admin. Your a bully but also engage in etymologically philanthropy (had to look that up). It’s not about consensus children, express your opinion without fear. Better yet, find a different board to post comments on.

  13. Catherine

    I couldn’t agree more about the uselessness of this Simplicity stuff. I bought a bag at my local seedstore and hated the mess it made. For years I have bought my cat litter at Zellers but that store is no more. Unfortunately, my husband went into Costco before Christmas and bought two more boxes of Simplicity, thinking that was the one I liked! It is disgusting and one of the cats is now trying not to step in it with dire consequences! I’d really like to find one that works as well as the Zellers one. One that actually clumps!


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