Reasonable Costco Purchases

Went to Costco Wholesale yesterday, tried to keep it under control. Even though we have put our weekly food and stuff budget pretty low, we still need to get all sorts of staples, and Costco is the best place for that. My wife tells me we should check out the specials in several places and always go for whatever’s on special. She’s right, but it certainly requires a lot of work. Going to Costco is fun and easy. So here are our purchases for April 19th, 2013.

  • Yogurt, two packages of 1 kilo; Price: $5.79
  • Kirkland Signature Stir-Fry frozen vegetables mix; Price: $8.99
  • Ziploc freezer bags, medium-sized, three boxes of 50 bags; Price: $10.59
  • Chips; one bag of Doritos and one of Ruffles; Price: $6.99
  • Small watermelon; Price: $3.99 (that seemed frivolous)
  • Premium Bananas; Price: $1.69 (best deal in town)
  • Whole-wheat, multi-grain, Olive oil Campagnolo bread, two loaves; Price: $4.99
  • One gallon 3.25% milk; Price: $6.32
  • Low-fat, 1% milk, One gallon; Price: $5.82
  • Lean ground beef, 2.65 kilos; Price: $15.89

Total price, before taxes: $71.06

Thankfully, only the chips and the Ziploc bags had tax applied to them, so the total (everything included) was $73.69.

Overall, the only things in there that aren’t staples are the chips and the melon. The yogurt we could also do without, but it makes for a great dip when combined with onion soup mix, and my wife and I are very keen on including some ‘junk’ in our diet!

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