Prime 100ft Outdoor Extension Cord at Costco Product Review

One of the many advantages of being a new homeowner is being able to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for the house. You know, stuff that you’ll probably buy a single time in your life, so better make it good.

I quickly discovered that the puny extension cords that had served me so well until now were past their usefulness, so to speak. I have a large yard, and unfortunately quality battery-powered yard tools are out of my budget. I purchased some good-quality, corded tools instead – a weed trimmer and a hedge trimmer – and I needed the extension cord that could reach to all corners of the yard. On to my local Costco!

I purchased the Prime Outdoor Extension Cord, measuring a 100 feet in length, for $39.99 (Canadian dollars) plus the unavoidable taxes. Considering the power-hungry tools pictured on the box, I figured it would be OK for my light yard work.

Outdoor Extension Cord, 100ft, at Costco

Outdoor Extension Cord, 100ft, at Costco (Item number 688888)

I’ve now used it a couple of times, and here are the good points, and those that will probably bother me in the long run. No deal breakers.

Good Points

  • 100 feet in length: a generous length that’s more than enough for all my needs, present and future;
  • 12/3 gauge: thick enough for the toughest, most power-hungry tools you can imagine;
  • Power Indicator Light: A nice little feature that helps make sure you know there’s power in the cord when you plug it;
  • The price: at $39.99, it was $30 cheaper than a NOMA similar-length extension cord at Canadian Tire, and the same price as a 25′ professional cord by the same┬áretailer
  • Costco: I bought it at Costco. I get my 2% off with my Executive Membership, my Amex Rebate and Costco’s unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee

Points to Consider

  • The Weight: a 12/3 heavy duty gauge and 100′ in length come at a price: the cord is REALLY heavy. Not a problem if you’re just leaving it there, but pulling it around for yard work is a workout. Coiling it by hand strains the shoulders.
  • The connectors are not as tight as I’d like them to be, but that’s hardly a real issue, just something to be mindful off.

The Verdict:

An excellent purchase. Combining the unbeatable price, Costco’s warranty and the product’s obvious versatility, it’s clear that I won’t be buying other extension cords for a long time.

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