Kirkland Signature Feta Cheese from Costco: Product Review

It seems that it wasn’t so long ago that the only time I would eat Feta cheese was my father brought our family to our favorite Greek restaurant, Le Coin Grec, on Park Avenue in Montreal. Feta has entered the mainstream of cheeses, such as it is, and now, not only can you find it at Costco, you can even get Kirkland Signature Feta!

But what does Kirkland Signature offer, in terms of Feta quality? How does it compare with genuine Greek feta? Let’s find out!

Kirkland Signature Feta cheese

Kirkland Signature Feta cheese

First off, let’s consider value; Costco’s Kirkland Signature Feta cheese comes in a 1.2 kilogram format, which is quite generous, and costs $12.99, so just about $1.10 per hundred grams. This is quite affordable, and should allow you to spread out Feta to your heart’s desire on pizzas, pasta, salads and more.

What about ingredients? Is this cheese stuffed full of evil and unpronounceable ingredients? I’ll let you see for yourselves:

Kirkland Signature Feta ingredients

Kirkland Signature Feta ingredients

As you can see, there’s nothing bizarre going on here. Of course, it is cheese, and delicious cheese at that, so it is quite rich and tasty, and full of salt, saturated fat and cholesterol. Can’t have everything.

When it comes to texture, the Kirkland Signature Feta cheese is pleasantly situated between the creaminess of Hungarian Feta, and the dryer, more crumbly Greek Feta, which may have something to do with the fact that it’s made from a mixture of cow and goat’s milk. Best of both worlds! I love that it is smooth when I eat a bunch just like that, I enjoy the relative crumbliness in salads and other dishes.

As to taste, Costco’s Feta cheese has everything you could want. It is, of course, quite salty and fatty, no surprises there, but also just tangy enough, without being too aggressive and without tasting like fat. Since Costco brought in this Feta, I’ve had no urge to look for anything else in that department. Of course, I’m still looking for an excuse to buy the 3 kilogram Feta tub, but that’s something else.

Please consult this Wikipedia entry to know more about Feta cheese, it’s appellation and its history, and check out this post to learn more about my other favorite cheese, Parmesan.

2 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature Feta Cheese from Costco: Product Review

  1. Mrs. Jose Mensik

    Your Kirkland Feta cheese is so salty !! it is NOT EDIBLE !! You do not have to answer my email,as I will NEVER buy this brand of Feta cheese.One lunch in the garbage is enough. Mrs. Jose Mensik

    1. admin Post author

      Hmmm. First of all, it’s not mine, I don’t make it, I just wrote a review. Second, Feta cheese is preserved in BRINE which is salty water, so it’s supposed to be salty. That being said, not everyone has to like feta, and it seems like you don’t.


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