Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Product Review

Reviewing Kirkland Signature’s Bath Tissue – i.e., toilet paper, makes me think about an old sketch I saw years ago, a parody of a diaper commercial in which parents were horrified that their children were peeing blue liquid. What can actually be said about toilet paper that will pass the decency test, while giving out actual information… We all know what ‘Bath Tissue’ is for, right?

One thing about toilet paper, any toilet paper, is that you never appreciate it more that when it’s not there. Thankfully, with Kirkland Signature’s Bath Tissue, that situation is likely to come up rarely. Costco, true to form, packages its toilet paper in a monster format!

Costco's Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (toilet paper)

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (toilet paper)

Kirkland Signature’s Bath Tissue comes in a master package of 30 rolls; you get 5 individually wrapped smaller packages of 6 rolls each, for convenience and ease of storage. This helps keep the rolls fresh. I remember each roll being packaged individually, but I figured Costco took a lot of flak from the usual suspects about ‘excess packaging’ and whatnot. Packages of 6 rolls each are an acceptable compromise.

The paper itself is of the quality what you would expect from a top-shelf bath tissue, even though it is 2-ply and not three. It is resistant when it needs to be, yet yields easily for ripping off the roll, and offers an excellent compromise of absorbency and wiping power. All in all, a pleasant product to use.

In terms of cost effectiveness, and value for the dollar, Kirkland Signature’s toilet paper is hard to beat. A pack currently costs $14.99 (Canadian dollars), which comes down to a mere 50 cents per roll. Each roll contains 425 sheets, each 4.5″ x 4″, costing about a tenth of a penny apiece. Here are a few other ways to look at it:

  • 10 cents per square meter
  • $0.009 per square foot (over 1500 square feet in the package!)
  • A penny a wad (folded)
  • Two pennies a wad (for you bunchers out there)

I have now written more about toilet paper than I ever thought I would. If you would like to know more about the topic, please follow this link, which details the history of toilet paper, or this one (why not) that covers the intricate art of toilet paper folding.

Be assured that Kirkland Signature’s Bath Tissue is a quality product which you’ll be happy to use, and this is quite cost effective, particularly for a large family or people with access to convenient storage. If you can get it when it is on special, stock up!

Update – May 21st, 2015 – I’m happy to report that as of today, the 21st of May, 2015, the price, quality and quantity of the Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue remains unchanged, despite a general rise in prices due to a falling Canadian dollar. Go Costco!

3 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Product Review

  1. Stannis

    It’s not that good of a deal honestly – 50 cents per roll is expensive. If you follow your local flyers (Walmart/Shopper’s drug mart, etc.) you could easily get 2-ply toilet paper for around 35 cents per piece. They don’t have the same surface area as a product but in general I had calculated that the Costco one (when shrunk proportionally to say Royale’s size) comes up to 45 cents per roll at a regular price. Not that much of a saving, but it’s worth considering if the special is near your place (otherwise gas would just eat up the potential savings).

    1. admin Post author

      In general, you will not find rolls with more than, let’s say 300 squares per roll, and I’m being generous. Most 2-ply are in the 280 range. Costco’s KS brand, at 425 squares per roll, beats the competition handily, without having to shop around and use coupons or whatever.

  2. Avanzi

    Costco Kirkland bathroom tissue is indeed very good value. No of sheets per roll, rolls per package or total length is actually not a really good indicator. Weight is the key. Manufacturers play with the thickness/thinness of their sheets to give an appearance of being as good or better than anyone else , giving more sheet per roll, more rolls per package for the same price when in fact it is weight you are really paying for. You know from experience some tissues you have to take in hand 3 or 4 sheets of tissue before you comfortable using it whereas others you can do with 2. Why? Because if the thin sheets are half the weight you have to double them up to get it the same “thickness” as the thicker sheets. As a comparison lets compare Kirkland to Charmin Ultra.

    Kirkland = $15.99 = 30 rolls = 5850grams.
    Cost per 100grams = 28 cents

    Charmin Ultra = $13.99 (Sale $1 off at a known grocery store) = 20 rolls = 2420 grams
    Cost per 100 grams = 58 cents

    End result is you are paying more than double for the Charmin than for Kirkland.


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