Inferno by Dan Brown: Book Review

As I was visiting my local Costco (I do that a lot) gathering some much needed necessities for my upcoming trip to the ocean, I chanced upon Dan Brown‘s latest offering, Inferno. For only $10.99, it seemed like just the type of beach book I was looking for, so I bought it.

I honestly did not think I would write a review on this one; Dan Brown is a formulaic writer if there ever was one, and because of that, it is difficult to talk about the book itself without giving away too much of the plot, and of course, its resolution.

Inferno by Dan Brown, Book Review

Inferno by Dan Brown, Book Review

The characters in this book are clearly defined, although and as you can imagine if you’ve read any of his books before, there is more to them than it seems at first glance. The exposition of the main characters, excluding of course Robert Langdon, who needs no introduction, seems somewhat forced. A definite shortcut was taken there, you’ll know it when you see it. That being said, it’s done properly and it’s not annoying to read.

There is just enough meat on the secondary characters to keep them interesting, but not too much that it becomes involved and overbearing. Dan Brown knows his formula quite well. Nothing wrong with that.

The plot of the book is pure Dan Brown; this time, everything revolves around Dante Alighieri, medieval Florentine poet and statesman, and author of the renowned Divine Comedy. I really wish I could more in detail about the plot, as its denouement, so to speak, is not what you would expect. Of course, that is also the whole idea behind most of Dan Brown’s books, so maybe it is not unexpected. In any case, the plot is definitely worth a read.

What I most like about Brown’s latest books, including the Da Vinci Code, is the obvious care that is taken in describing works of arts, literature and architecture. Most of this book takes place in Italy, in Florence and Venice specifically, and you can tell that Brown really cares about what he’s describing. Florence was never on my Top 10 travel destinations, but you can bet that it now is!

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my reading of Dan Brown’s Inferno, and I hope my short book review reflects it. It provided me with all the fun and entertainment I wanted on my vacation, and at 560 pages, was neither too short nor too long.

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