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As I have a young child, still a toddler, diapers and wipes comprise a not-insignificant part of our monthly and daily budget. It doesn’t look like much, but when you do the total at the end of the year… yikes! So getting the best product, at the best price is paramount.

My wife and I experimented with both the Huggies Natural Care Plus baby wipes, and the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes, and we found that the Huggies offered better performance, at a similar price when bought on special.

Now I’ve heard from other parents exactly the opposite, but the Costco’s Kirkland wipes are too wet, and contribute to giving our kid a rash, so they’re out. We get only the Huggies Natural Care baby wipes now. Here’s a look at the box.

Huggies Natural Care Plus (Costco item #331833)

Huggies Natural Care Plus (Costco item #331833)

Here are a few specifics about the product, availability and price. I know that the price will vary from region to region, but there you have it.

  • Product name: Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes
  • Purchased: Costco
  • Costco Item Number: 331833
  • Regular price: $26.49 (bought on special, $6 off)
  • Quatity: 1,120 wipes per box
  • Cost per wipe: $0.0237

As you can see, the cost per wipe comes out at just over 2 pennies each, which is really not that bad, and that’s if you were paying full price, not the discounted price I got. In that case it would be about 1.8 cents each.

Here’s what the box contains. I have left our child’s MegaBlocks in the picture for scale purposes, even though it probably wasn’t entirely necessary.

Huggies Natural Care Plus wipes (Costco item #331833), content of box

Huggies Natural Care Plus wipes (Costco item #331833), content of box

What I like the most about these baby wipes is that they work for our child: they are just wet enough to clean well and deeply, and not too much as to contribute to a rash or excess humidity. They are easy to handle and rip off from each other relatively easily – a one-handed affair if you use the provided boxes.

They Huggies wipes come in 5 large, resealable bags of 224 wipes each. It is easy to transfer them from the bulk bags to the dispensers. Each box contains two dispensers, one ideal for the diaper bag or a day trip, and the other for home.

Ironically, what I appreciate from these wipes, namely the boxes and the big bags, are also a drawback, as you actually have to refill the boxes, unlike with the packages of Kirkland Signature baby wipes. Star Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars

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