How To Save Money On Coffee

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a real, bona fide coffee addict, which means that I need to have coffee regularly, particularly in the morning and before lunch. In real terms, that translates to about 3 coffees a day, when I’m at work. This doesn’t include the coffee I drink at home, which I talked about in this excellent article.

The coffee machine at work charges $0.50 (fifty cents) per coffee, including all the sugar, cream or milk I could ever need. I drink one coffee before starting work, and one during each of my two breaks, for a total of 3 coffees per day.

A buck-fifty a day for coffee, I hear you say, that’s not that bad. It’s not. Or is it? The devil is in the details, my friends. That innocuous-looking work coffee addiction is quite expensive. Consider this.

  • Cost of Each Coffee: $0.50
  • Coffees per Day: 3
  • Cost per Day: $1.50 … seems alright.
  • Cost per Week (5 days): $7.50 … Ummm. Starting to look expensive!
  • Cost per year: $390 … Holy Mackerel! I knew it! And those are AFTER TAX DOLLARS!
  • Estimated Overall Taxation Rate: 35%

REAL COST: $600 … Yikes!

I knew drinking coffee from the vending machine was not a good long-term idea, but I had no idea it was that bad. I need to EARN $600 to pay for those 3 stupid coffees every day for a year. Ridiculous. I could buy a new Galaxy Tab Pro 4 12.1 for that price. I could make an extra payment on the mortgage, or pay for a good chunk of a vacation.

The thing is, I’m not about to go without coffee at work. Considering the fact that I need the caffeine more than the taste – I mean I’m not a coffee snob, not that I don’t like tasty things – here is the solution. Spoken like a true addict.


The Solution: Nescafé

I got this huge tin of Nescafé at Costco – where else – where I paid about $8 when it was on special. Let’s assume it was not, and that I paid $12, instead. Here’s what it’ll cost me to replace my work coffee with Nescafé, since the coffee machine at work kindly provides free boiling water.

  • Cost of tin of Nescafé: $12
  • Number of Cups per Tin: 260 … that seems like a lot.
  • Cost per cup: $0.046 … just under a nickel.
  • Cost per year of drinking Nescafé: $35.88, after taxes

Net Savings, after taxes: $354.12

There you have it. After a year of drinking Nescafé, I’ll have saved over $300. That it very significant, and just one of the many small things you can do to save money, increase your quality of life without really making any sacrifices.

Can you think of other ways, such as this one, in which to save money? Share in the comments below. I’ll be happy to try out your ideas.

Incidentally, I’ve decided to make this article the start of a new Series, called “The Small Things”, where I’ll share all my ideas about the small changes that we can make to our lives that will end up having a huge impact, financially, health-wise and more. Stay tuned.

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