Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers at Costco: Product Review

I’ve never been a slippers kind of guy; socks have always seemed to do the job. That being said, my office in our new house is in the basement, and in the winter, it gets quite chilly down there. I figured that it would be nice to have something warmer to put on my feet while I’m updating the website in the cold winter months. When I saw the Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers at Costco, I figured I didn’t have much to lose, and potentially quite a bit to gain.

Dearfoams Men's Memory Foam Slippers

Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Since I know that Costco usually offers value, the first thing I noticed was the price. The regular price for these memory foam slippers is $13.99, which is cheap enough, but I was lucky enough to buy them with a $4 instant rebate, which brought the price down under $10, at $9.99. I figured that at the price, they’d just need to be OK – not great – and I would have more than my money’s worth, which is always the point.

Dearfoams Men's Memory Foam Slippers

Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Visually speaking, and at first glance, the slippers look like they are made of some sort of coarse recycled material. which I’m sure is exactly what it is. The outside of the slipper is softer than it looks, but not by much. The soles are durable rubber, made for an outdoor and indoor use, although I would not go outside with these unless the ground was very dry – no snow. Perfect for indoor use, ideally while having a delicious coffee.

The material that covers the inside of the slippers is quite soft, and more pleasant to the touch than the exterior, and comes in a nice, homey, plaid pattern.

Now, to comfort. I’ll start off by saying that as you can see by the picture, I bought the 11-12 size, as I normally wear 10-1/2 to 11-1/2 size shoes. Unfortunately, I really need to jam my foot as deep as it’ll go in the slipper to make sure my heel isn’t over the back ridge of the slipper, which is not a deal-breaker, but a little uncomfortable. I’m sure that with use, the ridge will become softer and more pliable, making this point moot.

As far the memory foam goes, it’s there, and my feet are quite comfortably supported when I’m sitting, which I do most of the time when I’m wearing them, but when I stand and the foam has to bear the brunt of my 200-plus pounds, it bottoms out quickly, as it’s not very thick. When I walk, I feel like the ball of my foot is only a little cushioned, and that the sole is doing most of the work.

That being said, these Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers are not uncomfortable to walk in, and do a great job of keeping my feet cozy and warm when I’m sitting, which is what I expect of them.  Walking around the house – slowly – or maybe taking out the garbage in my slippers and housecoat is about the most stress I would put on them. Bought for anywhere under $15, these slippers are a great deal. I feel like they are a little flimsy, but I only paid ten bucks for them, and time will tell. I won’t judge them on that count before wearing them through the winter. As an added bonus, these slippers are machine washable, so if you step in a mud puddle, or drop some hot coco on them, they’re easy to clean. You can visit the Dearfoams site right here.

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