Costco Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review

Having a pet obligatorily entails certain expenses, as I’m sure most of you know. You need to have it groomed once in a while, if it’s a dog, and in all cases, you have to feed it. In the case of cats that are primarily indoor pets, you also have to give them a safe and comfortable place in which to do their… business, let’s say. This is not a major expense – food is much, much worse – however like everything else, it does add up. This is where Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter comes into play.

We’ve had our cat for a little over 3 years, and he’s a mostly well-behaved, non-biting and fully-clawed little bugger called Tailchaser. We named him after the hero of Tad Williams‘ classic fantasy novel Tailchaser’s Song, one of my favorite books.

Costco's Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review

Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review (Costco Canada item number 205233)

Available at Costco (and possibly elsewhere), Qualicat Cat Litter costs a mere $7.99 (Canadian) for a whopping 50-pound box. I don’t need to tell you that this is a LOT of kitty litter! If you were so inclined to see it in a more mathematical light, this comes out to a ridiculous $0.16 – sixteen pennies! – per pound of cat litter!

Besides its incredible low cost, Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter offers solid clumping power, making cleaning the litter box a breeze. It also helps control odors quite well, as I am never left reeling from the stench of ammonia as I perform this less than desirable task.

On the negative side of things, it appears that clay kitty litter – which this is – is not too good for the lungs of your little furry friends, as it can lead to an accumulation of the stuff in their lungs, among other things.

For those who consider themselves to be Eco-warriors and conscious about all that environment stuff, know that this stuff is strip-mined, which is of course the worse thing ever. You can read more about it here and here.

All in all, I consider Costco’s Qualicat Cat Litter a very good purchase, as it gives me a lot of value for the dollar. I will gladly shift to another type of kitty litter once they decide they can offer me comparable price / value. Come on, this is stuff made for cats to poop in, it can’t be that expensive to make!

Late August 2014 – Update!

Even though my Costco cat litter is practically free, at 16 pennies a pound, I’m happy to report that our cat has been going outside this summer! He’s an indoor, apartment cat that has discovered the great outdoors since we moved out of the city. This means that he’s doing his business, so to speak, outside and not in the cat litter box, which means that I don’t have to buy as much, at least for the summer!

In all honesty, it’s not really the cost of litter that bothers me, but rather the weight! The box is so heavy that it annoys me greatly when I have to buy it, so the least often, the better, I say!

March, 2015 Update – While the Qualicat is still available at my Costco, it has been brought to my attention (by alert reader Aline) that the price of the litter has increased in the Windsor (Canada) Costco, to $8.49 per box. While this is not a crushing increase, it is annoying, especially since it’s going to happen more and more as the Canadian dollar falls against the US dollar. I have been noticing many price increases of imported goods. Of course, since Costco’s profit margins are so small, they would be among the first to raise prices, since no one in their right mind can sell something at a loss.

Update – September 21st, 2015 – In an effort to get with the time, I’ve made a video review of the Qualicat Cat Litter. Enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Costco Qualicat Cat Litter Product Review

  1. Nicole Laplante

    I’ve had cats all my life, which is about 45 years and I’ve tried all makes of cat litter on the market. It was a match made in heaven when I opened the first box of QualiCat litter. The VERY BEST I have bought. I have 3 cats and 2 litter boxes and only get to clean them every other day and even if I skip an extra day,
    the clumps don’t crumble, making this a super efficient litter, thus saving you time and litter. No amonia smell and when you’re cleaning the litter box, there is a slight spruce smell. Not overwhelming, just enough for you to notice. And talk about dust!! This litter can visibly call themselves, dust-free…. Unlike other brands that state they are 99.99% dust-free. Bull-crap! Only QualiCat litter can claim this statement. Thank you for offering this hi-quality cat litter. N.E.L.

    1. Bryan B

      Qualicat seems to adhere to my male cats hairy paws and becomes very difficult to remove. It sets up like glue. The house has to be vacuumed constantly to pick up the granules.

      1. admin Post author

        I’d heard this was possible with this type of litter, however I’ve been fortunate and it hasn’t happened with my cat. That doesn’t save me from having to vacuum all the time, though! Cat sheds a lot.

      2. Barbara Wentzell

        I too thought that it was a match made in heaven!! Until recently I have been noticing a drastic change in QUALICAT litter. The litter is not only in the box but it’s everywhere!!????
        Please bring back the ORIGINAL litter I had purchased! If not , unfortunately I will have to find a new brand. I really love QUALICAT!!

        Please help and I thank you.

        1. GUY

          I agree 100% with you Barbara. The litter is everywhere in the house. I have hardwood floors and it is very easy to see the white dust on them. What a mess!

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  3. Michele T

    We are cat breeders and go through a large amount of litter per week. We have tried every brand on the market and our first choice is QualiCat litter. It is lighter in colour, more coarse in texture than others which the cats enjoy, far less dust than Simplicity. We have gone to many different Costco locations to stockpile boxes in our garage.
    Does anyone know who carries QualiCat litter other than Costco?
    We do not like the Simplicity Plus Cat Litter because of the dark colour and inconsistency in the amount of dust in the product so we will be shopping elsewhere!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Michele,

      Thank you for your comment! I don’t think that QualiCat is going anywhere, or that Simplicity Plus is replacing it. I see the two brands side by side at my local Costco, and Qualicat is still moving a *lot* more than the other. They have two or three pallets of Qualicat, and a single one of Simplicity Plus. I think they are just trying them out. If we vote with our money, and keep byuing Qualicat, it’ll stay available, I think.

      Best regards!

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  5. Brenda Frame

    As a breeder we also love the Qualicat litter and are so disappointed that we can only get the Simplicity Plus at our Costco. Would love to see Qualicat back, much better quality and far less dust. 🙁

  6. Michelle

    I agree. It USED to be greatest litter but it must have changed it’s source of clay as now it doesn’t clump good st all .

    1. Bernice

      I have used Walmart brand & found that is has changed not working so good,also now new to using Costco-Qualicat and find it is like cement when the cat pees-I have tried mixing Arm & Baker and works so much better the pee actually now rounds up into a ball instead of the pee sticking like cement to the bottom

  7. Chris

    A friend tipped me off about this litter she’s been using from Costco. I too have issues with some litter spilling in the car because the bags inside the boxes are not tied shut, and handle holes on one side are usually taped over. Tried this litter and we like it. It is much less dusty than either the Walmart or Pet Valu brands. There are obviously no testable or enforceable standards for amount of dust they produce as claims by other brands are bogus.

    We use open topped litter boxes so as not to trap the airborne dust with the cat anyway. Less dust is convenient for us and better for the cats as they’ll inhale less and not lick as much off their fur. I normally only get unscented litter, as recommended on the non-commercial site area animal rescues recommend (, but this has a very mild scent. If Costco don’t switch suppliers, hopefully this litter will stay the same.

    I will also look forward to the day when we’ll have acceptable environmentally friendly cat litter that still clumps to give good clues about our cats’ health. Perhaps something similar to the electric (solar optional) composting toilet like we used to have at our cottage? I guess if we had one of those now we could put some cat waste in it. Places that want to increase water conservation should provide rebates to people who buy and use composting toilets.

  8. Glenna DiModugno

    Do you l now if this is available in USA Costco”s? I could not find that brand. Perhaps it is under a different name. If so, do you know the name? Thank you.

  9. Nancy Lapierre

    I always bought the costco litter but no more it’s not the price raise, this litter has changed so much my floors need washing every other day niw and the clumps are like big clay blobs…very upsets with this change will go buy other brand..My cats paws are always clumpy…

    I still love costco

  10. Jean

    Well the price went up again and the quality went down,
    I talked with other consumers and they found the same thing. The litter is now VERY dusty does not clump like it use to, really not worth the detour anymore.

    1. admin Post author

      The price actually came back down at my Costco, it’s back to $8.99. I have not noticed any major changes, except that it seems that there is always a bunch of litter on the floor, which wasn’t as much the case before. For me, it’s still the best available litter, at the best price, but your mileage may vary 🙂

  11. Edgar Milson

    I am surprised that more people do not complain about the weight of Qualicat boxes of cat litter. I would be glad to pay another fifty cents to have the cat litter come in a twenty five pound box. I am 73 and I can barely lift the 50 pound box. I think if you asked people you would find that the weight of the box, 50 pounds, turns people off. My wife and I got it in the house by both of us sharing the weight of the box. It is really good stuff, I just wish it was half of the weight, 25 pound box would be great, or even a 35 pound box.

    1. admin Post author

      Edgar, I completely agree with you. Nobody complains about the weight here, but I can tell you on a personal level that I am quite a bit younger than you, and still it ruins my day when I have to buy the Qualicat. I would also agree to pay a little more to be able to buy smaller quantities.

      Remember that when at Costco, you always have the option of asking any employee you see to give you a hand with the package, and the guys and girls pushing carts in the parking lot are there to help.

  12. QC

    Wow, you people have never bought in bulk, if a single 50 lb. box causes you to complain about it ruining your day. Rest assured I am not addressing anyone who due to age or illness has a problem carrying a box.
    The last time I stocked up on litter, and this wasn’t from Costco, I purchased 1,800 lbs. of it in one shot. I loaded it into the van, lugged it up the double-length driveway, thru the house and down the 2 sets of stairs to the basement. With what was still in stock in the house, I ended up with about 1.25 tonnes (2,500 lbs.) of clumping cat litter in stock at home.
    That was the end of buying litter for a good while. No, I do not raise tigers indoors, nor am I a crazy cat lady – I got the litter at a great deal and with the discount I got I would never, ever get that much of a return on investing the money, so I came out way ahead of the game.
    Buying less than a dozen boxes is to me just a nuisance, get a decent shipment in place and be done with it for a year or so. I’ve always bought in bulk that way, for every product I use.
    I don’t really buy much at Costco, I usually make it there 2 – 3 times per year. Once, to renew my membership and if I have the time I’ll drop in 1-2 times more per year, but that’s usually it. This year I managed to go a stunning 5 times (almost enough to pay for 1/2 of my membership).
    With the volume I buy, for products I use, I can get things much cheaper elsewhere – you should try it sometime and not be wedded to one store.

    1. Darryl

      Would you be willing to share what litter you are using?

      We are breeders and have found the Costco brand has been changed, very dusty and the kids have had clumps on the paws which never happened before. Also, the smell for urine is hard to contain because as someone previously said, the clumps are like cement in the bottom of the litter boxes.

      1. Darryl

        Qualicat– we have been buying multiple boxes here in Burlington, ON on a regular basis–once a week so we do know the difference.

  13. duane sharp

    We have been having the same problems with the cat litter product described in the Reviews on this site – Simplicity Plus – which Costco is selling to replace its original product – Qualicat – one we have been using successfully for some years. On complaining to the local manager in Mississauga – name withheld to protect the innocent – we were surprised to learn that he (claimed) to have no knowledge of any complaints about this inferior product, for reference see all of the MANY complaints on this web site! GO FIGURE..

    We have been advised that some Costco warehouses carry the new product and some have stuck to the old – Qualicat. So far, here in Mississauga we have been advised that two Costco warehouses – Dundas and Laird Drive – carry this product and we will checking this out today!

    1. admin Post author

      Mine had Simplicity Plus for a while, and they went back to Qualicat. That was maybe a year ago. So far, so good!

    2. duane sharp

      Duane here again to report that Dundas Costco does NOT have Qualicat, but the Laird Dr. Costco does carry Qualicat – both in beautiful Mississauga!

  14. GUY

    If you like to vacuum your house buy Qualicat litter full of dust. Well the price went up again and the quality went down. The litter is now very dusty does not clump like it use to and Costco should advise the manufacturer about this annoying situation.


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