Costco Frivolity

Alright, I admit the title of my post is somewhat misleading, as it is really easy to go completely crazy at Costco, assuming you can afford it. We want to buy a house, so we can, but sometimes our urge for ‘junk’ food is really too strong to ignore, so we willingly give in. Just like today.

What I usually try to do is simple: get one relatively expensive item that I need – a staple or something essential – and tack on to the order something much smaller, so it doesn’t look so bad. Huggies Wipes were on special at my local Costco, until today, so I took advantage. Here’s what I got.

  • One box of Huggies Natural Care Plus baby wipes, 1120 per box; Price: $26.49 (minus $6, a great deal)
  • One box of four packs of Brownies Mix with Chocolate Chips; Price: $7.99 (for the whole box)

Today’s total came up to $28.48 before taxes. Interestingly, the Wipes, which are essential, are taxable and the Brownies, which are pure junk food if there was ever one, are not. Go figure. Welcome to Canada, where everything makes sense. Anyways, once taxes were factored in, the total came up to $31.54. Not bad for a massive supply of wipes, and thousands and thousands of calories of chocolaty goodness!

To read my review of the Baby Wipes, just click right here or the link above.

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