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Pacific Rim: An Honest Movie Review

I admit that I was going to do a full-fledged review of Pacific Rim: a proper introduction, an exposé of the characters, their strengths, failings and motivations, an overview of the plot and, ultimately, my recommendations. Of course, I thought of doing all these things as I was renting the movie, old-school, from a video rental place. I was still in awe of the monsters-and-giant-robots having at it ‘concept’, if you’ll allow the stretch, and still mesmerized by the clerk who was busy telling me that while the movie was a little short on plot, it more than made up for it in grandiose visuals, special effects and action.

Pacific Rim Movie Review

Pacific Rim Movie Review

After having spent over 2 hours watching this movie, I can tell you with certainty that I will be happily moving over to the last part of the review, namely my recommendation: avoid renting, watching, or spending any time and/or money on Pacific Rim in any way, shape or form.

Maybe I feel that way because Pacific Rim had been terribly oversold, or maybe because the concept of monsters and giant robots fighting was simply too attractive to pass up. The bottom line is that despite its admittedly cool visuals and special effects, I managed to FALL ASLEEP during the movie.

About the plot: while it is true that I was never renting the movie for its story, whatever plot there was, was completely predictable, boring and vanilla, and the acting just as bad. What should have been cheesy yet spine-chilling, wave-the-flag moments fell completely flat, not just once but repeatedly. Even the premise of trans-dimensional travel, and the importance and relevance of the frequency of the Kaiju attacks is never fully explained, and is just another gaping plot hole.

One of the things that has most bothered me, besides what I just said before, is that in the first few minutes of the movie, it is ‘explained’ that the only way to destroy the monsters was to create giant robots to fight them with… Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence throughout the movie that an armor-piercing (or bunker-busting) missile with a tactical nuclear weapon payload would have done the job quite well, and prevented the destruction of countless urban centers by rampaging robots apparently unconcerned about collateral damage.

The idea of building a giant wall to keep the monsters out is also clearly retarded, as they’ve proven they can smash through entire cities and buildings effortlessly.

The only good thing I can say about this movie, is that they don’t keep you waiting to show you the giant robots. They make an appearance within the first 10 minutes, and are very present. There’s lots of fighting.

Oh yeah. One last thing: if your Jaeger robot has a sword that effortlessly slices through monsters, how about leading with that instead of getting pummeled for the whole movie, and taking it out in the last 20 minutes? Idiots. Can’t believe Guillermo Del Toro put his name to that piece of garbage. If you want more information, then follow this link, but I honestly can’t understand why anyone would.

On a more personal note, I just bought a few books, which I’ll be reading and reviewing in the coming weeks. I’m certain the reviews will be more positive than this one.