Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light from Costco: Product Review

If you are a regular reader of this blog, or have done any research on Artika lighting products, you have come across my gloving review of the Artika Moonraker I did some months ago. What I said before still holds true, and I still love my Moonraker. However, what usually happens at Costco happened, and when came the time to install a new LED Ceiling Light, Costco was out of them. Fortunately, they had a replacement, the Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light. The price was $39.99, comparable to what I had paid for the Moonraker about a year earlier.

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (front of box)

Visually speaking, there are not many differences between the Moonraker and the newer Cloudraker. The main difference, as near as I can tell, is that the part that screws in the ceiling, where the actual LED lights are, is between 1 and 2 inches smaller in diameter on the Cloudraker. This means that the diffuser flares out from the base slightly, which is quite nice. Have a look at what the Cloudraker looks like installed.

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (installed)

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (installed)

Because of the shape of the diffuser, there is a cool ceiling back-lighting effect taking place when you light it up, and it contributes to making the room even brighter than it otherwise would be with the light on.

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (back of the box)

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (back of the box)

Here are the Cloudraker’s main feature, as assigned and attributed by the back of the box, above.

  • High power, which at 29 watts for an LED fixture, is true
  • Dimmable light – more on that later
  • Immortal Light (that their trademark for their 25,000 hour light)
  • 1800 lumens
  • No maintenance
  • Low energy consumption, thanks to LED lights

One of the lice things about this fixture is that they seem to have gotten the message about their lights humming when installed with certain dimmers – please see the comments in the Moonraker review.  They have printed on the box the recommended dimmers from major manufacturers, which would presumably work best with the Cloudraker, and avoid that annoying humming. Mine is not on a dimmer, so let me know in the comments if these are working out for you, or if you have any success (or not!) with other dimmers.

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (box content)

Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light (box content)

I took this picture to show the contents of the box, but this is really self-explanatory. The fixture comes with the screws to attach it to any standard box, as well as the screw-caps to cover the wires when you connect them. Installation took about 10 minutes, which includes the time that was needed to remove the previous, awful fixture.

Inside the  Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light

Inside the Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light

Here is the inside of the LED light fixture. As you can see, there are – hopefully – no moving parts, and nothing that you should be worried about replacing. I’m hopeful that I’ll manage to get my 25,000 hour’s worth of lighting, but even if it was only half that, it would still be OK.

So far, I’m very satisfied with my Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light, which I purchased, as always, from Costco. Here what I got from it:

  • Affordable: Less than $40 at Costco
  • Easy to install: Less than 10 minutes
  • Pleasant warm glow
  • Long lasting and reliable – so far
  • Easy on the electric bill

Let me know in the comments what you think about this Cloudraker, and how it compares for you, to Moonraker. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions you ma have, I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge!

19 thoughts on “Artika Cloudraker LED Ceiling Light from Costco: Product Review

  1. Donna

    I bought 20 moonrakers for stairwells in our strata and one failed. As mentioned when I went back to get 10 more for the last stairwell, the moonrakers were gone and replaced by the cloudrakers. No problem, they were similar and in a separate stairwell. I had 10 installed in January and 3 have stopped working at varying intervals. I just had the 3rd replaced today which is a real concern. Now the cloudrakers are being cleared out at Costco so I went and picked up a couple of extras.
    Has anyone else had this problem? My electrician can’t see a reason why this would be happening. We do not use them on dimmers.

  2. Chaz Fisher

    Until May 1, 2016 these lights are now $8.00 off with a Eco coupon available in the Costco warehouse. Makes them $31.99/each. I just bought ten of them. 😉

  3. Hector Constantin

    I purchased 4 cloudrakers and so far 2 have turned out to be defective ,Why i have no clue .But it would be nice to find out from the supplyer what could happen ?But they are very nice looking.

    1. Donna

      As I previously commented I bought 10 Cloudmakers and 5 of them have now stopped working all at different intervals. Costco has let me return and replace them but it is a big hassle. I have contacted Artika to let them know about this and they don’t know why it happened either but they say they’ve not had any other occurrences like this. I would appreciate if you would share your info with them at so they know this is not an isolated incident.

    1. Hugo Cámara

      I have read the comments and really thought to install in my new home 20 cloudraker. After reading the reviews, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Any suggestions?

      1. admin Post author

        Its a good idea if you’re willing to replace one once in a while. They’re awesome when they work.

  4. Jackie

    Purchased cloudraker on 03/03/16 did not install immediately as doing renovations. 08/19/16 light is not working. I have sent an email as recommended by Donna to company to date no reply. Heading back to Costco for refund or replacement not sure which as I don’t want to go through hassle every few months if product is defective. As previous posts seem to indicate continuous problem.

  5. Lisa McCracken

    I have recently passed the year warranty mark on the moonrakers I purchased from CostCo. Of course, one of the lights has stopped working. I contacted Artika customer service and am now awaiting information on the cost of a replacement. I wonder if more of my moonrakers will die. My electrician warned me about the environmental “unfriendliness” of the light, explaining that the entire fixture needs to be thrown out if light stops working. I figured that if the light lasted the expected 20+ years, the environmental impact was not so bad. Turns out, my electrician was right.

  6. Don Laidlaw

    I have also had a light begin to fail. It turns itself off and on frequently. Usually when “off” it is actually outputting very low light and flickering. The electrical contacts a good, checked by an electrician friend.

  7. Kim

    These lights are junk. Bought 3 for the
    kitchen . One burnt out with in 2 months which I thought was weird. But whatever it happens.
    Went and got another one to replace it.
    4 months after initial purchase I have 1 that
    works $160 later I’m not a happy consumer!
    Too bad pictures can’t be posted

  8. Chris Andersen

    So far I have installed a total of 23 Moonrakers and Cloudrakers in 3 homes over the last 4 years and they are all still working fine. I’m about to put another 6 in our new home. Let’s wait and see how they last.

  9. Janetta Kowalski

    Just bought the cloudraker model to be installed in my hallway in a couple of days. On the specs it say colour – shows a dark yellow 3000k. I am hoping my lights will be a warm white and not a yellow. Can you give me details before they are installed.

  10. carol

    We bought 12 + of them about a year ago. Have installed 2 up stairs in our home and one quit. The other is still working. We just gutted the basement and will be installing the others soon as it is ready. Wonder if this is a common problem with them. And they are all brand new in box but were purchased a year ago when we started renos.

  11. Steven Chen

    I bought a dozen of them for stairwell of my apartments buildings back in 2016 when they had promotion in Costco. Now half of them were gone bad from time to time. I just simply go buy more Cloudracker from Costco and replace them. Very low life span LED for 250000 hrs. Worse then regular light bulb!

  12. Aaron

    I have 1 Moonraker and 6 Cloudrakers installed at various times 1-2 years ago and they are all working flawlessly (most of them on Leviton dimmers). 25,000 hours isn’t great, but there are plenty of 10,000 hour 100W replacement LED bulbs on the market too, I suspect LED lifespan is over-hyped as other components in any LED light are more likely to die before the LEDs dim too far. The advertised lifespan is when the LEDs dim to 70% I believe, if you’re lucky enough to have the other components survive that long.
    I have just purchased more of these @ $25/each from Costco Canada with the Ontario rebates applied.


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